View Full Version : Watch me Watch me

Tha Ill Shogun Lord
07-31-2006, 08:14 PM
watch me watch me-decaptate mc's-
rock da spot blood filled-
watch it spill like acid-meltin thru the concrete-
obselete these paragraphs i spit complete-
each line snap spines-slam niggas like Righ U-ryu Ray U-
spray you wit uzi's cuz ya'll got pump shotguns-
pop one sunn-i'll shun tha world-i'll fuck ya girl-
and hurl plurals-
but my similes give me the ability's-supernatural supreme-supremacy ya'll aint feeling me-and ya shouldnt be-
cuz i'm like da fuckin chi-
tha energy that builds within ya body-
i'm like the defense for niggas dat talk shit-
and think i might forget-
so watch me-watch me-decapatate mc's-
rock da spot blood filled-its bloody-
it like walkin thru a flood-stompin thru da mud-
in some timbs-i'll break ya limbs-
like when da rims are still spinning-
you stil feel pain-because ya body is sleeping-
somebody reaping-like a voice-in da dark-
trying ta stab in ya heart-
your intelligence determines weather they hit there marks-
all you see is sparks-particles an atoms-
deteriatin ya division chasm-
you'll change into a phantom-like many other bandits and raiders-
pillaging ya village-burnin down ya houses-
raping all your spouses-
not giving ughh............
nuhh barbaric Huuuugghhhhhhh-
raw spirit accended-
from the dungeons-
Watch me Rahhhhhh decapatate ya-
rock da hahhhhhhhhhhhhhh-