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07-07-2005, 04:27 PM
tryin to get better lol. here is how it goes 1 go first 1st rnd then challanger goes first 2nd rnd.

Check it:

This is like a game of make it take it i'm keep in da ball
you aint scorin i'm just soaring your styles is sub par
i'm the hard -core menace lyricaly inclined
ya'll styles is rejected like visas declined
in time i dine with the Founders of Wu ya'll laggin behind
i must rip this set quick i'm ruckus defined
ya cant hang i'm the chang Jap -chi- korea masta
asian ninja style killin ya weak bastards
what i'm after is "el titulo del gran campeon"
slapin putas and shootin maricons
wu-tang i spit slang from shaolin styles
my flow is calm skills are fertile
meanwhile ya'll tryin to look in my jit-su book
my booby trap gota cha and its say fuck u
i do this fo fun dont reverse it and twist it
and fuk Red faction <- That was subliminal ya missed it

07-07-2005, 09:41 PM
"el titulo del gran campeon", < whatever this is i dont speak it
you're like an Aquired immuned deficiency syndrom patient "on some weak shit",
jumpin ranks to come after my crown but you cant reach it.
my rhymes are untouchable and yours were impeached jit.
see this is my table, you were spitting, so i had placed you on a coaster
i heard you thought that i was sick so i sent you a poster.
don't stir this shit up and twist it around ,
i'll have to drown you, tie you up and drop you to the anchorage ground
i think i have to keep using you to keep my vessels in place
no one will look for you cause you're worthless like rednecks at a potato race
make no mistake cause this is over and i had the "coup de grace"

OmO < Idiom

b1ack fact10n
07-08-2005, 11:29 AM
whoa idiom came strong,verses too fuckin wild
unlike RockD,hes lines are bruce banner-mild
dont mess wit the idiom,he gots more other-worldly punches
u cant come up with ur own lines,ur mom's has them packed for ya like lunches
asian ninja style?i noe this dopeass,his name's livin blade
ninjitsu this ninjitsu that, fuckin bore me with words he said
ya line's fag,get ya asshole ripped by this line
i rip thru ur rap workings usin a mathematical cosine
i got the ability to dictate,fuckin leave ya to be fucked by phosphate
u dun get it do ya? its fake emcees like ya we hate.

07-11-2005, 05:53 PM
damn wut da fuck.. trippin out ... i luv weed dat is brown .. makin out my own sounds.. like cereal ; fruity loops is my alternate source 4 ... music.. just luv 2 use it .... i be makin sounds so stupid... and let them come alive... as if it were mummified ... painted a picture dat when da light is on... do not come .... inside .... or wuz it da other way i dont know im high .. .. i need a light ... 2 show u my life.... and da way i write..... sip and wait ... or wuz it 2 late... erase da mistake... fuck it throw it away... da other day just got laid ... nice piece of ass... we smoke out and had a blast.... shit i wuz her first and last... had her on my lap.... she wuz fucken not on her rag.... so .. every thing wuz quite amazing... had her screamin tellin me she wanted my baby ... also... she licked da nuts yo.. !!!. so wonderful... guess wut.. i wuz wit her cousin though ;yup a stuck up hoe... like biggie smalls : unbelievable... produced by dj premier... back 2 da lesson ... of 2 day... dis girl.. wuz nothing sheer so i gave her a beer .... it wuz weird... sum sort.. miscalculation... devasting melo dramatic depression.. change her .. .. out of da blue... had me guessin.. when out of nowhere... started caressing.... she told me ..... suggestions... as if she were a secretary... answering receptions... and i wuz da boss.. she let me toss... had her ... up on top.... we fucked till we dropped.... i called all da shots.... pimped her .. then took her 2 her moms.... Her booty wuz da bomb... had her walking wrong.... she got n trouble....i needed a body double... i forgot 2 use da rubber....

07-12-2005, 12:21 AM
Yo, TICAL... you def spit that whole verse in another thread. That's pretty lame dude.

07-12-2005, 12:55 AM
its 420 fuck the kids, do you know where the weed is
the beat is fat plus i got my adidas
i feed this rhyme in your head cuz you need this
everybody wants to be a millionare like regis
if you rejects step in my way you become roadkill
either that or splattered on my windshield
try to step to me but u cant penentrate my force field
my words heal like the pope you get cold chills
i got mad skills, they need anger management
can u manage it or loose control like savages
im on the hunt like scavengers, bust shit like gallegher
and i got more greens then a salad bar
read the tarot cards but the future is premature
put my name in the game, sign my signature
spit this literature, you'll study me in philosophy
about how i keep it real and i spit shit honestly
the hennesy from tennesse has got me remenising
im like a-rod, when i swing im never missing
im dissing you fools call me simon cawell
you're an american idol thats suicidel, throw in the towel