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07-07-2005, 05:27 PM
The Deadly Bomb Went Off
Im Quick With The Thought Of The Savior
Swing Chop Necks Whos Next
Im Tired Of The Terrorist
Mean Mugging The Vision I See In My Mindstate
Quick To Participate
My Own Stance One Hand Up Revolution Has Started
Dearly Departed Kinship The Followship Worship Devilish Propaganda
Force Field
From My Ora
Give An Illusion To Wickedness Express The Passion In Christ Prophets Alike Guidance From The Angel
I Cant Believe Its Happening
Overcome My Own Stigmata Show And Prove To Allah
One In The Same
Who In The Hell
Terrorist Spell
I Dont Believe In Curses
So I Smack The Shit Out Of You
Torture Your Family Till I Know Where Your At
Bones Broken Due To Alluminum Wood Bats
Now Where He At
No One Leaves
My Mind State At Ease Trumpets Unleash The Winds Come Again Amen

Osama Bin Laden Trumpets Gottem
Hanging From One Leg
Heals Cut
Laced With Acid
I Put Arms Up
Chop Limbs Till I Hear Your Cries
My Purpose Is To Make You Realise Suicide
Left Blow To Ribs I Put My Knife Up Your Left Kidney Leave It There
Beat Your Face To A Pulp Exterminate All Hairs
On Body
I Burn With Fire With Desire Admire Your Hell
You Already Fell
Put The Flames Out
Scream For Your Reason Here On Earth
I Read The Bible While I Shit On Your Face
Keep You Alive Because Your Death Is A Disgrace To Death

07-08-2005, 09:29 AM
Seems to contain a lot of anger! But you are failing to express it in a decent manner. Try and give it more meaning (or arrange it properlly) But its a grusume verse.