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08-04-2006, 06:28 PM
THE GAME (http://realsabotage.com/):

SABOTAGE (http://realsabotage.com/) is a reality/game show ("Program") produced by L. M. Beasley for BERGS, LLC in association with RealityGameStation.com for syndication and broadcast on the realSabotage.com website in 2007. In the Program, ten (10) teams of strangers will travel, live and work together for up to forty (40) consecutive days in the United States and/or in a foreign country. The teams will engage in a series of games and competitions, or “Assignments” against each other. Each team’s objective is to successfully complete the Mission in each round of the game to earn money for their team. After each Mission, the team that earns the fewest points or bounty during the Mission will be ejected from the game. (http://realsabotage.com/)
A Mission consists of approximately four (4) Assignments containing any combination of the following components (http://realsabotage.com/):

Briefing – Teams will receive information about the assignment or mission and rules of the game. (http://realsabotage.com/)
Intelligence Operations – Teams will be required to retrieve or deliver a briefcase containing secret information or items to assist in future assignments and missions against potential enemy teams or Saboteurs. (http://realsabotage.com/)
Communication Investigations – Teams will be required to acquire, transfer and solve codes, ciphers and clues. (http://realsabotage.com/)
Counterintelligence or Surveillance Operations – Teams will be required to obtain sensitive information from other teams, deceive, prevent subversion and sabotage, and collect, collate, analyze, and disseminate data. (http://realsabotage.com/)
Debriefing – Teams will receive information and results pertaining to each assignment or mission, including team ranking, ejected teams or players, bounty totals, penalties and bonuses. (http://realsabotage.com/)Each assignment is given a point value which corresponds to a dollar value that would constitute the “bounty” the team would receive for successfully completing the Mission. Missions will be valued at one hundred thousand dollars each. Ejected teams lose the bounties that they have earned and those earnings may be distributed to remaining teams. (http://realsabotage.com/)
THE SNARE (http://realsabotage.com/)
All players will receive codenames to determine identity and team assignment. ONE unknown player is designated as an enemy agent on each team. The enemy agent will appear to be a loyal member, but in reality, this player is undercover working for an unknown eleventh group of Saboteurs, called “Operation Dark.” Each Saboteur’s objective is to prevent their team from successfully completing Missions without getting caught. By successfully sabotaging Missions, the Saboteurs will earn bounties or may plunder other teams bounties. Saboteurs will be selected at random during the initial phase of the game and even the Host and/or Producer may not know their identities. (http://realsabotage.com/)
One by one, teams will be ejected after each Mission. The successful Saboteur of each ejected team will remain in the game to compete against remaining teams. Once a team has been ejected, the Saboteur of that team will be revealed to the other Players. Therefore, “Operation Dark” (the group of players revealed as Saboteurs) grows after each Mission until one team remains to face them for the grand prize! (http://realsabotage.com/)
THE WINNERS (http://realsabotage.com/)

If all of the Missions are successfully completed by the winning team, the bounty total for each player will be $1,000,000! (http://realsabotage.com/)

All decisions regarding the Program, including but not limited to, rules, eligibility, Participant selection, Program production, game play, Assignments, Missions, Participant or team elimination and award of prizes, are at Producer's sole and exclusive discretion, are final and not subject to appeal. (http://realsabotage.com/)

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The website realsabotage.com (http://www.realsabotage.com) shows everthing in a more presentable way.
Its a reality game show on some espionage type shit.
Seems right up the alley of the people here (unless you prefer it up the ass instead {:()

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