View Full Version : kinda bored

08-09-2006, 06:42 PM
me and vern were just kinda havin some fun and we were both writin verses usin schemes about pimpin. normally i dont really enjoy writing or even listening to this kind of rap, but its kinda funny. so comment, or add on if you want. gotta use schemes nyuckas.

my rhyme schemes are flawless, im nineteen and the rawest
to grip black, so sit back dont spit whack in august
honeys need me like a smokers nicotine fix
cunnys bleedy when i poke her wit my mean dick
girls give it up and we be jostlin for hours
so good they think i pump it up like austin powers
a chick is never twice layed, so they must be dumb
my stick is nice like lays, cant just eat one
got neighbors complainin, my long saber is aimin
spit enough hotness to keep haters maintainin
love to make the heads nod, and heads bob for head jobs
the wetter the better, my dear, dont fear when im near the rear
its in and out, like a jackhammer in fast forward
blast more wood, than dynamite in a vast forest
its morbid, how horrid, the whore did..not know
my clean head, leaves teens dead, and queens red, no hoes
to touch me, you must fill out an application
only the finest, all others leave with decapitation

08-13-2006, 08:34 PM

We keep it grimey, with them dirty fucked hoes
Heard these sluts go, low earning us dough
Turning up close, shanking up those flirty snitches
Grope 13 biscuits, bitch, get more dirty riches