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Talk Shit Avenger
08-13-2006, 10:24 AM

Bubblegum Populace Mixtapes is a mixtape series that features a diverse roster of insanely rugged mc's known for their expertise in mic handles, artists such as Soulstice, Defcon of Demofficial, Meta4ce, Okwerdz, Prime, Clew Rock, Middle Ground, REU of Culture VI, Money Milo of Demolisten, Scenario of Demofficial, Cobalt of Demolisten, PHANT, Jay Sinister, Southern Authentic, Aloe, Doomsday, Global Ken, Renaissance, Dan The Underdog, Kin Dread, Grime Tha MC, Frankie Riptide, Thoughtsarizen, Loot, Smiles, Bekay, Status of Demofficial, Cicc Cell, Point Game, Krukid, Freestyle (Formerly of the Arsonists), Solid Entity (Psychlone & Rekks), Poison Pen (Emveez), Supastar Billy Gram (Emveez), JBully, Cashmere the PRO, Dese, Excetera, ODB (Dirt McGirt), Angelous, Ben Franklin, Madface, Poverty, Mic Stylz, Woo Child, Change, Dizasta, Catalyst, Geo, Nemesis, Vice Raw, and aGG