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08-14-2006, 02:25 AM
So I was backstage for the wu tang show in detroit. chene park. It was mos def an experience. I was hyped by the time my friend and I got to the venue.

I was supposed to be on the press list, but there was a screw up so to make a long story short GZA had to get me into the show. GZA is a really cool individual, his publicist had call him up for help getting me in and then GZA called me back to let me know that they were leaving from the hotel, then called me as his bus was arriving. that was mos def not something thats expected from an artist. he was really cool about it.

so anyway my friend and I arrived backstage. wu tang came in like 3 huge ass buses and then they had to all cram into a little van because the bus was too big to drive through the entrance gate. Raekwon had the funniest look on his face sitting in that crowded ass van.

the clan wasted no time, they hit the stage. I was with the huge crowd of people backstage on the right side next to the speaker. it was cool to look at at the crowd, people throwing up the "w". Meth climbing onto the speaker, going into the crowd.

It was unreal. Being that close to the clan. The downside to being backstage is that the sound quality from where I was at was horrid and I had a side view of the stage and the speaker blocked the front part. in the end I would had rather been in the stands, but the security guards said we couldn't leave and come back. One plus though was for a short amount of time I was on the stage, but towards the back on the railing where the river was, funny enough there were like 4-5 boats pulled up listening to the show.

The show ended with "triumph." rza was talking about some upcoming album, I think cuban linx II or maybe masta killas. they played/performed(Im not sure) "presidential emcee" and I waited for the clan to make an exit. I really wanted to meet Raekwon and get an autograph from him, but when he walked past me, I choked and just stood there in awe (sounds lame I know).

Masta Killa, to my knowledge, was not bothered by people backstage. at one point I was standing right by him and I was going to say Hi (I interviewed him a few weeks ago), but I choked yet again.

I did, however, manage to get autographs from Inspectah Deck and GZA. They autographed my 1995 Source Magazine that has Rae,Meth, and RZA on it. Deck seemed high as hell.

Meth got surrounded by people, he seemd annoyed cause he spun around to run away and went into the trailer.

Backstage at the wu tang show was a surreal experience. It was really crazy to shake hands with, talk with, or be within feet of a hip hop group that I've been such a huge fan for many years.

Its also funny to see how people act backstage. trust me there were plenty of groupies, those who went to the show should remember how many girls they had on stage at one point.

also, chene park doesnt have a real "backstage". theres just the main stage and then a little ass trailer a hundred yards or so away where the clan retreated to.

the security backstage gave people a hard ass time. people were civilized, nobody was bum rushing the clan, but the security was acting like the president was in the building, being real strict where you could stand and shit.

there was a guy in wu's entourage that had a shirt on that said "Cuban linx part II.. strictly bricks." lol.

Method Man is a huge dude. so is ghostface. deck is a big guy too.

raekwon is short and chubby, looks like a cartoon charachter. I think he had on a "feds" shirt. lol. he was blingin too.

overall, backstage at a wu tang show was something i'll never forget.

08-14-2006, 02:31 AM
damn... dope FAM... congrats... how'd u get on the press list tho?? what company u work for

08-14-2006, 02:37 AM
That shit was ill kid. I'm hoping to maybe say peace to a few of the gods at the Orlando show.

08-14-2006, 02:40 AM
I did a story on wu tang for a newspaper in detroit.

08-14-2006, 11:50 PM
yeah,i might have choked too, depending who i was talkin too, but did u get streetlife and cap at your show? just curious.


08-15-2006, 01:18 AM
yeah,i might have choked too, depending who i was talkin too, but did u get streetlife and cap at your show? just curious.


I believe Cappa was there, I wouldn't know Streetlife if I seem him to tell ya the truth. Streetlife is ill though, Cappa is a problem on the mic.

11th Chamber
08-15-2006, 01:19 AM
yeah,i might have choked too, depending who i was talkin too, but did u get streetlife and cap at your show? just curious.


Cap was there, he was on the stage the whole time. I never saw Street tho

08-15-2006, 01:49 AM
awesome, thanks for posting this. sounds like it was a blast

08-15-2006, 03:24 AM
hey i saw all the guys walkin in the back alley in chi, and I choked, all u haters can talk shit about it, but when it comes down to it sometimes the words just don't come out.

08-15-2006, 08:03 AM
props !!! nice story...