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08-26-2006, 11:20 AM
No resistance, is soulja sold his soul or black hole swallows us all
Too hard too control ma existence from tha grave they put me in,
Almost 22 but too old ta play that play
Its been a long time since mankind pay in full chillin on tha stage
Got me in a physical rage, age of Christ,
U canít celebrate fool when u lay in the corner topless,
Couldnít handle the press coz nuttin lasts 4eva in tha hell we dwell
Sess is a medic shit my dogs smoke on,
Headed 4 stress I hold on hurtín ya chest like luv I ainít have
Wrath of mine is a shit of tha whole mankind collected in a man
Stuck in a dark wit no light at tha end, but still alive wit ma fam
Payin a price, recognize truth from tha lies
B4 I get banned from tha Earth where Im cursed n even worse
Balance on tha edge of a knife ta find tha right course

Buyin a rubber, life s a bitch I usta lay pipe wit,
So often that 4 me ya wife s frigid,
N I gotta admit thatís till ma coffinís closed
Bury me wit a black rose, Im overdosed wit pain
So now I can explode, getcha brains all over tha wall,
Roll 4 delf n whoís ta blame that death be releasin
But its too easy option ta be chosen, escape away from tha prison
Overshadow tha day lettín ma idols shine begettin eternal night
Koran, the Bible, whut ta follow when peeps just Diablo wit no tomorrow
Criminal model, itís a part of ma duns,
They got enuf guns ta bury ya father n ya close person
Peep tha arson when I share ma shit wit no mercy
Cuz u forced me ta sow these grains of detestation
C Demonsí domination, assassination destroy nation,
Raisin tha spirits ta build tha foundation

Aight homies, jus check it...

Bigot Hitman
08-26-2006, 08:27 PM
Go to http://www.rapbattles.com/forum/

Wu-corp is a unpopulated rap forum, there's always about 150+ people online on this forum. Always get feedback on anything shity or good.

08-27-2006, 09:47 PM
it was alright, nothin too special. what kinda scheme were you using? i couldnt really follow it that well. there were some strong points but yeah keep writin man keep elevatin.

08-29-2006, 12:11 PM
10x man
I dont use any scheme, I jus write from tha head... I gon drop more shit here soon