View Full Version : Wu Tang Orlando Concert!!

08-26-2006, 07:26 PM
Does anyone know the setlist 100% from the Orlando show? I know they did most of 36 chambers but if someone could write down the entire thing for in order that would be great.

09-02-2006, 12:35 AM
i cant remember the order of it. but they did joints i didnt hear the last time the came by orlando earlier this year..

Method Man - Release Yo Delf
Method Man - Grid Iron Rap ( ft. Streetlife )
Ghostface Killah - Fish
Inspectah Deck - Who Got It
Ghostface Killah - Be This Way
Wu-Tang Clan - For Heavens Sake

I can't remember all of it but my bro and I almost got into a fight with some dude and his girl over a towel method man threw at us. even though we caught it first, we gave it to her cuz I hit the stupid bitch in the face when i pulled it really hard...good for her....lol