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Father N Dangerous
08-27-2006, 05:35 PM
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W n D

Psykotic Souls!!
We'll sell your Life to the Devil..just sign the Dotted Line Below..
I School em' on da Rhymes n Flows..
teachin Student's how ta Dot they i'z ya know?
Time ta Show hatas how ta I-den-tify a Foe
swollen Retina Eyes. that Glow..this Advice I Told ..
is da best thing i'll eva Advise ya Bro..
This Guy don't take orders like a Cyborg Clone
and i Light da Ganja Spliff.. time ta Realise..
Imma Pimp..ya'll funny like da Cosby Kids
you'll amount to nothing like Pocket Lent,
God I'm SicC me and Spoke runnin Con-ti-nets
we Soun-din Slick, loud and clear like we Announcin It,
stop the shit talkin like we locked ya lips
We be Monst-er-ous...
While half you gay fucks stackin crap like a pile of shit!
Found da Ditch


Co-latteral team
we wont battle ya fiends
but we will Throw rappers the meaning
of what it really means to wreck the mic
they fought they silly team from left to right
we Back with a vengeance
while your fruity bars stayed locked up like a...
fag with a sentence
dont ask for redemption...i'm actually wasted
on the pages to get...get...

Rappers Amazed! Lookin' At the Man in the Frame
Ferocious like a T-Rex Attacking its Prey
Puttin Claws in ya dome, even Crackin' Ya Face
if you Follow the clones we will have ya replaced
spit the baddest with AIDS in our Vocals, Hope you
Know we dope and prone to Result to choke you
so you hope we wont do, hope we wont move
This be the type of Shit Only Spoke Do
To The...Top-of-the-limits
I'm givin' Honorauble-Lyrics
and if you Bitin'-the-kid he'll be puttin Shots-in-ya-fitted
With everyBody-thats-in-it all prolly Showered-in-crimson
See I'm - Soo Great, I'm doing Powerful-images
That be Caught-by-the-vividness, Stoppin-this-lyricist?
Better luck having fuckin' WALDO-enVision-this
Go "Swallow my kids" ... Suc-Ceed the wrong way n'
I'll have you tied, Breathin' Harder than Darth Vader
you Gone Hater - Please Believe it
I got more Tricks than Ron Jeremy's Penis Region
I will leave you breathin' the Smokey Track
You'll never compare to mine...every piece u Hold is wack
So Tempted To Shatter Professionals
With the Beats that be so nuts like u Slappin' ya Testicles
I'll be the Bust on ya block...
Kinda like Cam'ron...
Cause all that i be saying's you gonna Suck it or not?

Father N Dangerous
08-28-2006, 01:07 AM
word word uppin for some insight

08-28-2006, 02:57 AM
Nice lil collab...i was really feeling the lyrics from both of and Spoken's delivery was sick....
W+D-the flow was a bit choppy at times....keep working on that coz your lyrics are good...

Father N Dangerous
08-28-2006, 02:58 AM
word ou first person with something to say!! much propz ta Numero Uno!!

08-28-2006, 06:33 AM
both parts were nice, feeling the beat too.. this bar by spoken was especially sick imo
"Better luck having fuckin' WALDO-enVision-this
Go "Swallow my kids" ... Suc-Ceed the wrong way n''
spoken ur pronounciation wasnt that great which made it hard to catch the punchlines without reading the verse but other than that that nothing to complain about, ur flow was nice
white n dangerous you need to cut out the pauses between each line at the start of your verse, the second half of ur verse u didnt do that which was better..

08-28-2006, 06:44 PM
yea non prob man.... what the hell is ur screen name??