View Full Version : American Xbox 360 Games Fetch $4.27 In Japan

Jet Set
09-01-2006, 10:39 AM
American Xbox 360 Games Fetch $4.27 In Japan (http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/top/american-xbox-360-games-fetch-427-in-japan-197861.php)

Leave it to CheapyD to find new, sealed and dirt-ass cheap 360 titles. A Japanese game shop is selling Kameo, PGR 3, FIFA: Road to the World Cup, Madden 06, King Kong, Tiger Woods 06, Need for Speed Underground and NBA Live 06 for the bargain basement price of 500 yen (US $4.27) a pop. Cheapy points out:
This is not evidence of the Xbox 360 failing in Japan! These are the North American versions of the games which won't work on a Japanese 360... That's got to be the cheapest price anywhere new or used. And I would know.
That's right. He would. These cheap-ass games are on sale at AsoBitCity in Akihabara in the import games section. Brian Ashcraft
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