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09-01-2006, 10:00 PM
http://www.freehiphopnow.com/images/presence.jpgReady Your Ears with Presence
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Emcee Presence proves with his new album, R.Y.E. (Ready Your Ears), that he is not just another battle rapper with lack of real written substance. The tracks range from comedic and sarcastic rhymes (What's Crackin Pimpin?) to conscious themed insight of self and government (Ride Away). Presence does a great job in presenting an eclectic of hip hop styles that have been separated and divided by sub-genres and popularity. I can imagine that not all listeners will be fans of Presence's voice and delivery, but I can assure he does have very good pronunciation and energy. The writing style can really reflect his freestyling roots in the sense that each syllable is perfectly flipped to match the next. With each track trimmed down to a perfect point as to not drag on or stop too short, this album ends at a reasonable 39 minutes and 39 seconds (I'm a strong believer that most of the greatest albums of all genres are under 40 minutes) with 12 tracks of pure music and no skits despite the 1 minute and 25 second album introduction. Presence deserves a lot more acclaim than this album has gotten considering his meaty career of numerous well known battle wins and appearances. For what the albums worth, I see it as a warm up. Presence is simply readying our ears for more quality releases; after a bit of vocal training. Overall R.Y.E. is a great display of musical and writing skill with definite replay value. - Montag Faber