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09-01-2006, 10:02 PM
http://www.freehiphopnow.com/images/waleoyejide.jpgWaleoyejide: Africa Is Hot! - The Afrofuture Sessions
Put on your dancin shoes, or perhaps not. It would be more better to dance with one’s feet naked touching the rich earth. All ailments healed by the sun while vibrations pulsate thru your being. Welcome to the world of Waleoyejide, Africa Is Hot (play (http://www.freehiphopnow.com/MUSIC/play.php?band_id=2&song_id=113&mode=song_hifi), download (http://www.freehiphopnow.com/MUSIC/download.php?band_id=2&song_id=113&mode=song_hifi))and there’s an afrofuture session going on where you’re welcome to be entertained and also empowered by the words of these griots of color with an even more colorful culture and history. This album manages to rock yah body, sprinkle some rhyme into your ear lobes and remind you the world has many pressing issues but, that doesn’t mean you have to stop dancing. The only way to combat negative is to first assess it, then make progressive moves to pulverize it into oblivion. - Intel Sole