View Full Version : Jasons Luck Tread

09-10-2006, 10:48 PM
Knowledge is Power but its Powerless //
Without applied Concentration Meditation //
Buddha sensation was sent to awaken //
Dharma penitrates the fake snakes mind state //
Some become great wize men with da virtue //
others get the clue but evil is what they do //
livin in a land so filthy, so gritty //
feel bad for the kids in the city come with me //
pack rhymes witty with jewls for distribution //
why keep it stashed when your body won't last //
present turns to past like lightning striking fast //
the minds just a glass for your third eye sight //
keep it so clean and pollished from the garbage //
that can stain you and drain you and leave you polluted //
Now your shooted with suffering of birth and death //
Roll the karma wheel and you threaten yourself //
Blow the dust off ya shelf and polish up the glass //
time for class enlightenment full splash //
forget about the cash if you wanna make the cash //
the cash is the fruit, gotta focus on the seed //
study ya lessions like Lord Jamal said...