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09-13-2006, 01:29 PM
anyone cop this shit? i can't find info about it anywhere but allmusic, people are sleeping.

does anyone have any opinions on this release?

Tyler Durden
12-07-2008, 11:22 AM

1.The Path – Real slow beat. Really shows his poetry skills in this, more talking that rap on this basically a verse showing his abilities. (4.5/5)

2.The Ugly Show – From the start you hear a chipmunk sample but don’t let that scare you away, nice beat. Mentions Kanyes ‘Black people’ speech during the hurricane. Again its slow but Im guessin this is his style. Multiple syllables in-between each bar. (4.5/5)

3.A Dream Transferred – Strange heartbeat sounding drums which stays throughout the track, sounds good though. Raps a little more than talking on this one with a lively hook. Only thing I don’t like about it is the strange tune that comes in over the hook. (3.5/5)

4.Lone Soldier – At first it sounds like a love song and would probably be sold on a love compilation album, but the lyrics show that its him talking to his kid and the chorus is the kid singing back. Acoustic sounding. Not my type of music but each to their own. Singing on the chorus. More poetic on this (3/5)

5.Take ya Time – Says ‘the world is yours’ at the start. Keep ya head up type track speaking to the ladies about the choices they should make and how guys are shit heads. Im thinking he’s an LL Cool J type but with deeper political meanings in his tracks. Very R&B like. (2.5/5)

6.Nice to meet you – Another love track, the chorus has a strange beat that sounds a little like the track skips, my wife and I had to rewind it back three times. Same as above, background music with your girlfriend type track (2.5/5)

7.Hoodwatch – Much heavier track with a pretty annoying chorus tune (think Swizz Beats on a Ruff Ryders album) my wife was bouncing to this track while I was listening. A sort of party track (3/5)

8.Front page – News report at the start talking about a baby in Philly stolen in a home robbery. News reports continue throughout. Basically talking about what he does on the end of the Meth album. Slow again, but this guy is more about lyrics than beats. Arabic tune in the background (3.5/5)

9.Rain Hail Sleet or Snow – Really like this. He mainly raps over a snare drum and the kick drum only comes in now and then. Piano notes hear at there make it sound really good, I cant describe it in full. I’ll listen to that again. Faster track than the others (4/5)

10.The Beast Within – Think of those 2 DMX tracks when he plays two parts rappin to God or his more evil half. Its kinda like that but rappin about the beast within him. My wife thinks it sounds like an Eminem type beat. (3.5/5)

11.Shine – Natalie Stewart of Floetry has a verse of singing/rapping on this. Quite nice but too short (only 3 mins) Perfect background music to a not lively party, just sitting chilling. (3.5/5)

12.The Real – Has the same noise from Meth album track he’s on. Dear Mama type track, nice to listen to, easy beat that anyone could like but no track like this has ever touched Dear Mama. (3/5)

Quite liked this album, I kinda wished all of the tracks were like the first two which are deep and meaningful with slow beats and fast lyrics that when you listen to (‘really’ listen to) they tell you stories, but clever stories, not just gangsters and guns. BUT if anyone did put about an album full of tracks like that I would be the first to mention how each track is the same.
I’ll give this a 4 out of 5 but will probably knock it down half a point in time. If each track had the impact of the first two It would be up there as classic but I understand that he wanted to put out some different songs and not just regurgitate his political poetry over beats. (Which would be fine by me though)

Yo Pat, could you throw a proper poll on here for me??

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