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cofface killah69
09-14-2006, 09:29 PM
up untill a night ago i knew you was the right one
respect, honesty, labeled me yo shogun

over the phone you made excuses, your lies made me squirm
i thought this shit was for real but you just a fuckin worm

you had a night on the town, the weekly "girls night out"
ended up in the club suckin on some dudes spout

i called you up, you said the night was terriffic
how could you step up to me and spit all that bullshit

a full whip, crack on tha ass is what i wanted to give you
controled my anger, canned it up, you asked if i could forgive you

my heart dropped, i got pissed, my eyes were filled with fire
to think that i fufilled your every last human desire

for u i woulda died, took a bullet for "my love"
but you a dried up peice of shit you skank-ass muthafucka

you made this ex-playa happy, but you filled me up wit woe
i should kick you on the street to sell youself as a hoe

just a week before you got on your knee and preposed to me
a week later your suckin dicks, is that how loves supposta be?

i was considering to tie the knot for quite a while
but you got on your knees for sumthin else, it wasnt the extra mile

so bitch your ex-shoguns guna cut you down to size
ill get chu back for all your dirty secrets and your lies

now heres a little number, your love was just a joke
and heres your answer to the question... I DONT

Aqueous Moon
09-14-2006, 10:44 PM
You so fake Imma get Noel to cum in yo face
That nigga likes to pose he sucks fat white toes

But, I know that ain't yo style
cus you like that boi from 8 mile
they say he tight but I think he sweet
tha only thing U popping is yo ass in tha streets

I always know a hoe when I smell that shit stank like butthole
Noel on that low I call him 411 cus he stay on tha down low
I say cool I'll just expose you fools giving up info like po-po
You don't know - that means youz a pig and yo dick is like a twig
I only know cus I saw that porno when you sucking that hog's leg
Literally, you was eating out a pig so I thought I would post real big
Sell tha peoples on yo weak diss I can post pics - you can only post piss

Don't trip - choice ones have seen my pretty mug
I stay picky cus I know you haters be real tricky
Keep this shit till I ignore or decide to work U some more
The ball is on yo hands as usual jerk off on tha casual
Or get put to rest real easy and without all tha hassle....

Lil' Ruger
09-14-2006, 11:10 PM
hahahaha aqueaseous i bow down for that one!

09-15-2006, 01:27 PM
tha only thing U popping is yo ass in tha streets

^^ sick

i seen your pics a long ass time ago aqueous and im obviously not choice, id take u to dinner and a movie but u dont like whiteboys :'(