View Full Version : Mahzels Official Thread.

09-16-2006, 10:55 AM
"Castlez with booby Tasslez"

Robbin ya castlez while ya facsinated with titty tassles,
up in ya room asphixiate ya wife, no hassle,
Your on the first floor, behind the secret door,
what am i waitin for? its you and a defenceless whore
I ready the bombs, plant the C-4

then i run down the stairs
strength of ten bears
The ho just stares
while i stab ya with no cares
the sound of my feet blares
run, flash of light, like road flares.

Ya castle blown to hell fastah than a demoltion masta
cought in the explosion of his own potion
now ya chillin with the devil and most of our presidents
as well as millions of other evil, yet dead residents.

09-16-2006, 11:15 AM
Bullets raining from the skies
fire formin in my eyes
feelin of a thousand highs
as i listen to my foes' cries.

revenge is a bitch, better served cold
Katana through ya stomach'll make ya fold,

i drop more bodies than tipped porta potties
at a jackass party, with 12 guage shotties

Ninja starz, deadly as livin on mars,
wipe out ya family with a small case of SARS

Livin in a contained area,
rip through ya barriah,