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09-16-2006, 03:25 PM
Get it right my names WU'S NiceLady. We know u have dislexia and read it all backwords. Get it right before u were with me U went with a bitch, Couldn't get anyother so that slobby wide gap u told me she was as wide as a sock and couldn't keep your cock. I'm not a the hoe that cheated behinde your back. U know u smoke crack stop lieing cause I aint bying . Your dick is so hard then it goes limp. Get it right . I felt sorry for u and stood by u when your own mother robbed u and u sobbed. Get it right u know I'm the one who will win this fight. I helped u out when your own family didn't care, I thought we were a pair.I cooked your food lord knows u cain't . I loved u so much and that u told me too, U even said I was your boo. Get it right I loved u no matter what problems u have. U used me indeed and now your the one in need.

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This is to Nice Wu Lady

You said i can't get my dick up, you didn't say that when u swallowed my jizzim drink up
Why you mad girl? Cus ya pussy smells like a decaying corpse, the whole room stinks (What!)
Let's not forget your buddha size gut( it's not that big, lol) And hairy ass butt
Be sure to shave that shit, Your so sick bitch you were down to swallow my piss
So why you pissed? Cus' half the time when you wanted to ride it i told you get off?
In the sack your skills lack, that's why i have to beat off to get off
So get off my cock, depressed i bounced from ya spot, stop smoking rocks
Wash that clit that shit smells like toilets in jail cells, don't post ya pic on here cats will start crackin' up!
Niggas smacked you up, i never did but i'm sorry we can't be friends with benefits
When you ya get ya Coo-coo check next month go rent-a-dick
Loved you for spending chips on the don, and the brains were the bomb
Except for that chipped tooth it keep leaving my dick bruised
Saying you were used, yeah one of my boys hit it first , then i occupied the unrented room
Dry ya eyes, i told you the head you give was incredible, you were already played out before i played you
Somebody get captain-save-a-hoe maybe he can save you