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Jet Set
09-16-2006, 08:13 PM

There's even a movie under developement.

shit is classic

09-18-2006, 03:24 AM
is that the fucked up alice game? if so that rules

Jet Set
09-25-2006, 05:06 PM
yeah, its that alice goes psycho game. The design is really crazy in this one. It got that empty 2000 feeling in it, where the still alot of room and stuff. but the design the characters and the dialogues are just classic made.

I'm about halfway through now I believe. Got me playing like chess now.

09-26-2006, 12:52 AM
Dope ass game as well as a dope ass movie I'm sure it will be.

Also, look out for American McGhee Presents Oz, where he'll take the Wizard of Oz and fuck it up like Alice. It was supposed to be out a long time ago but no one showed interest in it so he's tryin to ink a movie deal before he drops that gem. Also, There will be another one in the same line called American McGhee Presents Grimm. which is gonna be a twish on The Brother's Grimm of course. I can't wait to check them shits out

09-26-2006, 03:05 AM
never got too far into the game cos my computer at the time didn't like it and kept on crashing. Why'd it get you playing chess anyway?

09-26-2006, 05:04 AM
Na, you don't play Chess in the game. There's a world in the game that's kinda like it. The White Pieces are at war with the Red Pieces. Alice pops up in the middle of the fight and talks to the White King about how the Reds have kidnapped the Queen. He offers to help you out if you get the Queen back, Alice agrees and is given a Pawn to take with her. She then goes to the Red's world and fights her way to their castle. On the way the Red's chop off the White Queen's head thus killing the Queen. Once there she goes to the Red King's throne room, releases the Pawn which then turns into a Queen (you know what's up if you're a chess player) and kills all the Reds.

Now this is my favorite part of the game cause the worlds are ill as fuck. The White's world is totally void of color, everything is in black and white (except for the Red's which have come over)


On the other side, the Red's world is covered in blood. As is the water (which is blood)


Either way, the game is pure dopeness. Any of ya'll that wanna check this shit out holla at me and I'll see if I can up a copy to ya.

09-27-2006, 03:10 AM
fuck, wish i carried on playing the game. that seems excellent

Jet Set
09-27-2006, 03:36 AM
I just finished that level yesterday. And the level after this is just crazier with the mirrors.
But what's the eagle in that last pick, or is that the demon from the dice.

Either just look at the design in those pics. It's just to vivid for words. The did an amazing job. Nowhere does it get boring a bit or repetitive.

Jet Set
10-10-2006, 07:04 AM
And I finished the game. Now I'm juts gonna play through the levels in no clipping mode. That Mad Hatter world was insane design wise.

10-10-2006, 11:00 AM
That one of the best games ever!
Especially after couple of bones

Jet Set
10-12-2006, 12:16 PM
I'm now actually kind of sad that the game is finished. I wanted there to be more stories about Alice and her friends. Guess I got to pick up Evil Twin now.