View Full Version : 2 Funny Skits On Willie D's Album

09-19-2006, 05:41 PM
Willie D of the Geto Boys has a solo album Loved By Few, Hated By Many that came out 6 years ago. He has 2 skits on the album called A Friend and Siccness. A Friend skit has Willie D talking to a racist white dude on the phone and Siccness skit has 2 black dudes talking about Willie D and one of the dudes hates Willie D. Here's how A Friend skit goes.

Willie D: Hello
White man: Willie D
Willie D: Yeah who this?
White man: A Friend
Willie D: Naw homeboy i know all my friends. Who this?
White man: I got a message for you
Willie D: Uh huh
White man: Gangsta rap is dead
Willie D laughs
White man: And another thing. We got every negro in this country under a microscope especially the ones that's trying to educate and own their own damn businesses. Where the hell they think they get off? Well anyway we're gonna continue to use our intimdation tactics and if that don't work, we gon do some killing LOL.
Willie D: Kill this dick off in your mouth LOL

Siccness skit has 2 black dudes watching Geto Boys Gangsta Put Me Down video and they're talking about Willie D while the video is playing on tv.

Black man #1: You like that nigga there man?
Black man #2: Willie D? Hell yeah he one of the realest nigga
Black man #1: He ain't one of shit. Don't say no shit like that man LOL.
Black man #2: Why you hating?
Black man #1: I ain't hating. Just fuck that nigga man LOL. He riding around town fucking all my broads LOL. He even fucked Renee man.
Black man #2: Renee man?
Black man #1: Yeah Renee my wife nigga LOL. They was in Vegas at the fight.
Black man #2: He got some pussy from her huh? LOL
Black man #1: That shit ain't funny man. He fucking all my broads. Pam, Lisa, Angie, everybody man LOL. That big baldhead, ghetto boy, rap a lot, recognize the real. Man fuck that nigga man LOL. He ain't shit LOL. I can't stand that nigga. That nigga think he balling. When i see that nigga, i got something for that nigga man LOL.