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09-21-2006, 03:03 AM
In 1996 the legendary 2pac introduced people to his youngest protégé by asking on the track "As the world Turns"; 'Kamillion do you wanna make a Million?'

After 96 it took Muszamil nearly four years to start rapping, since being a rapper was not a focus for him. But starting in 2000, fans would hear Mil on all Outlawz related projects.

Though it has been a long while since then, and since fans have heard from Muszamil, formerly known as Hellraza, who is also the younger brother of former Outlawz member Napoleon.

After dropping his debut album Hell Razed Us, under the alias Hellraza, he was the first artist to drop on Outlaw Records, and that 12 track independent project was dubbed a street classic.

Now, 10 years after the passing of his mentor Tupac Shakur, Muszamil is set to make his mark in the game with a 14 track album that can be only described as soul filled, raw, real music from the heart. With the blessings of The Outlawz, Afeni Shakur, Suge Knight and many other legendary music figures Muszamil is set to carry the torch for 2pac's legacy for another ten years.

The growth on this album is amazing, to hear a young artist spit like that with powerful content is rare. This project truly has something for everyone. From the deep soul filled Teddy Pendergrass joint “Let It Go”, to the emotional track about a youth story "Sekie".

The album features the traditional raw Outlaw sound with tracks like "Still Bustin’" featuring H Ryda and collaborations with artists such as Gritty Outlaw, The Regime and also the up-tempo "Mr. Muszamil", and the slow anthem "Don’t Need None", feat Val Young.


Track listing –


1. Outlaw, Outlaw
2.Mr. Muszamil
3. Hollywood - Featuring Val Young, Triple 7, Napoleon
4. Last Days of Our Lives - Featuring Hussler Russel
5. Still Bustin’ - Featuring H Ryda
6.Interlude/Political Soldiers - Featuring Makaveli, H Ryda
7. Seike - Featuring Malcolm X
8. No Reason - Featuring Stevie Wonder
9.Let It Go - Featuring Teddy Pendergrass
10. Don't Need None - Featuring Val Young, T Scott
11.Make A Change (Cry 4 help Remix) - Featuring Rey Chester, Napoleon
12. Interlude/Thug Life Outlaw - Featuring Gritty Outlaw & Cabo
13. Dirty Game- Featuring Gritty Outlaw
14. Can't Deny It - H Ryda Solo

The album is available in the United States from Best Buy and all the major record stores. It is also available online for domestic and international fans.

To order online, and to hear sample tracks, click here – http://www.cduniverse.com/productinf...=7260931&BAB=E

To visit Muszamil’s MySpace click here - http://www.myspace.com/muszamil