View Full Version : Dave Mays And Benzino's 'Hip Hop Weekly' Hits Newsstands Oct. 16

09-21-2006, 09:00 PM

David Mays and Ray "Benzino" Scott, the founders of The Source Magazine, have announced a release date for their highly anticipated celebrity lifestyle publication, Hip Hop Weekly.

The new magazine, which hits stores nationwide on Oct. 16, finds Mays and Scott reentering the publishing world after being ousted from The Source by corporate board members in January 2006.

Hip Hop Weekly will cover film, TV, music, fashion, sports, and celebrity news.

Mays, who established The Source in 1988 as a student at Harvard University, is now the CEO of Hip Hop Weekly's backing company, Hip Hop Global Media.

Benzino is the company's chief brand executive, while Mimi Valdés, the former editor-in-chief of Vibe and Vibe Vixen, will serve as the new magazine's executive vice president and editor-in-chief.

Valdés is also a co-owner in the new venture.

"I am extremely proud to be breaking new ground with the launch of Hip Hop Weekly ," Mays said. "Hip-Hop culture and its celebrities are making news every day, so there is a need for a magazine that can keep up with the much faster pace of news and information flow in the multimedia, Internet-driven world that we are living in today. Hip Hop Weekly's innovative format coincides with the evolving nature of advertising, which is rapidly moving toward a quicker, constantly changing, and more creative approach."

According to Valdés, Hip Hop Weekly will document Hip-Hop culture as it takes place. The weekly will also launch with new columns from Wendy Williams and Star & Buc Wild.

"Readers can depend on us for insight, criticism, and perspective on how Hip-Hop influences the world,'" Valdés said. "Our entire team, both business and editorial, is filled with passionate fans that understand the Hip-hop lifestyle. Believe me, that's going to make all the difference."

Benzino said readers can expect something "incredible" in Hip Hop Weekly.

"It only makes sense, considering that between myself, Dave, Mimi, Wendy and Star, the years of experience we have -- stretching from the street side to the corporate side to magazines to radio to TV -- is incomparable," Benzino said. "We will continue to give the people what they desire, and that's the realness, which they will now be able to get every week in our new magazine."