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09-22-2006, 10:07 AM
Fuck old shit

danger in the chamber lord express my stylish vocal tone
exterminating fakers left compressed to piles of broken bones
the section of me galaxy that questions my insanity
is broken down the hopless sounds progressed into a fantasy
perspectives is projected then collected so the words are raw
respected and ya heard before me words'll fuckin murder yours
amaze with verbal weaponary we blaze the herbal remedies
attack upon the track with liquid blades to murder enemies
aligned between the hammock where we practice mathematics
slap the wackest chattin faggots round the axis of the planet
i dance around the universe insane i cave cerebrals in
and when the bizzie's grip me ill be blaming dave me evil twin
i form a spongy chrysalis incarcaratin enemies
a devil up in heaven as i spark debates in cemetries
we blaze amazin phrases simpy sick with the verse
y'all should wank on dictionaries then youll stick to ya word!

Audio for anyone whos interested ;


09-22-2006, 11:01 AM
yo peeped the audio,it was tight,liked the flow on that one,