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Undead Ninja
09-23-2006, 01:35 PM
When you wuz one ya crawled another havin fun
When I wuz one this rhyme wuz laced n done
When you wuz 2 ya set around playin with playdo
When I wuz 2 I wuz sittin around readin Plato
When you wuz 3 you got outside and learned some schmes
When I wuz 3 I started smokin weed
When you wuz 4 you didn't talk baby gab no more
When I wuz 4 I wuz preachin sbout God's galore
When you wuz 5 ya went 2 school n ya mom said bye
When I wuz 5 I graduated from Citrus High
When was 6 ya saw girls screamed "cooties" n split
When I wuz 6 I had already fucked madd bitchs
When you was 7 eatin glue wuz your addiction till ya turned 11
When I wuz 7 I mastered all the edicts of heaven
When you wuz 8 ya used words like "Great"
When I wuz 8 I got accepted into Penn State
When you wuz 9 ya thought ya life wuz going fine
When I wuz 9 had already mastered the rhyme
When you 10 ya got ya shit split again
When I wuz 10 I had madd friends
When you wuz 11 ya found girls kinda "cute"
When I wuz 11 I used words longer than you
When you wuz 12 teachers told ya ta "go to hell"
When I wuz 12 received that Bachaelors I'm doin well
When you wuz 13 your voice started hurtin..g
When I wuz 13 had an apartment with no curtins
When you wuz 14 ya held ya dick like you wuz sportin
When I was 14 I been started "courting"
When you was 15 Detention is where u was sittin
When I wuz 15 it wuz you that I wuz hittin
When you wuz 16 got shot right in the liver
When I wuz 16 25 -to-life cuz I wuz the nigga who pulled the trigga.

Undead Ninja
09-27-2006, 03:21 AM
ITs real!

Dirty Knowledge
09-27-2006, 03:21 PM
LOL! I love this shit!