View Full Version : Zoo Babbes - Passed Out For Business

Pretty Toney
09-23-2006, 11:29 PM
the best of album is here! find in the hiphop spot or dl on the site

site is updated! some artists arenīt on the best of album thatīs because of th e following reasons 1. i chose the most professional and most ear and heart catchin melodies for this album 2. i chose best sound quality tracks
itīs nearly over now.. if someone holla @ you because he found you through the zoobabees site and wanna he do business with you.. think of your zoo babees brothers and holla at T!... he got some special plans for people with too much money and influence from which we all will have profit from! I MEAN " ALL!!!!!!".. so. thx again .. enjoy and advance.. some of ya will get where they wanna be,,, others better train on to reach that destination, some turnin in cycles and need to be reborn before they reach their goal ... lol peace

spread the link! vote for toney! lol