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Ultimate Fist
09-28-2006, 09:10 PM
OK my crew's gonna be called Dwell Tongues at least online. All these names are aliases to protect the innocent. Now onto our first song...


The Judge: You delinquent ass fools are a poor reflection on our society. For the crime of public urination I sentence you to fifty years in San Quentin Penetentiary.
(Ultimate Fist) Nigga what?
The Judge: I am not your nigga. Can't you see I'm a respectable house negro?
UF: Oh OK.
The Judge: In fact for calling me a nigga I sentence you to sixteen extra years.
UF: Eat my shit!
(Wierd sample of farting noise. Jury groans)
The Judge: Get the little bastards out of here.

(Prison door shuts)
UF: Oh shit this might be serious.

UF: Poop in the cell,
Poop in the cell,
If the guards don't like it,
They can go to Hell (2 times)

Verse 1- Redneck X

Blah! God damn! start a riot in the penetentiary,
Its like school but everyone's fucked up as me,
They said it would be a bitch but its an all day party,
I dont give a shit how pruno tastes,
i can't afford becardi on the outside,
Food kind of sucks I want kentucky fried,
But the trick is not to eat it unless you're homeboy smuggled in some PCP,
Pop the XTC before I get something to eat,
Guards yelling at me because I say I'm superfreak,
Piss on his face, you stupid geek,
I'm Redneck X and I'll never go Malik,
Cuz they just took my ballot and my bullet,
Bitch I'll never get a job again,
Just grow a fucking mullet,
Get fat, get high that's the rest of my life,
Most of these rappers sad but I ain't even gotta try,
Only thing I miss is Wu and Killa Beez,
But bitch I met this dude who can get me Meth, lil LSD,
He live the next town over, got his own lab,
Peace and love takes away all the bad times I had,
Until someday I'll be an O/D,
And y'know that's fine with me,
Because death is just rest,
Bed grave sleep,
Write to Ultimate Fist tell him don't even weep,
Cuz I already know where I'll be when I'm 45,
Dead either way so I 'm charging the guard now,
First day in prison dead, POW!


Verse 2-Ultimate Fist

First day the guard told me don't cause no fight,
I ran up to his face slit it twice,
Pissed on the wounds yelled check toilet face,
They put me in solitary, I think he liked the taste,
I pissed on the walls until it started to leak out on the block's floor,
They've got five taser guards standing at my door,
Shield's up, what the fuck?
What I gonna throw? I aint even got crumbs,
You worried about me pissing,
You got it commin' out your starfishes,
Yeah that even happens to guards in motherfuckin' prisons,
But I ain't no bitch chopped my cellies nuts off on the first day,
They said I was crazy but I was thinking "Just in case",
Blood splurting off his dick,
You ain't a man no mo'
They put me in a straight jacket and locked the fucking door,
I'm still spitting lugees from the mouth,
That's what happens when you got me in the fucking house,
Let me out of mental three years later,
Selling my meds big money maker,
Guards wondering why I'm acting crazy again so he don't want me getting bail or bond,
Pulls his guns yellin' like Lil Jon,
Get away from the window, against the wall,
But I got piss in my bowels,
Ah piss piss piss,
Ah piss piss piss,
Now he's running,
Shock got him stepping back grab the gat,
And I'm gunnung,
Got this bitch like Attica they gun me down but I'm still pissin',
Cuz I piss on the kkkops and the penal system.


09-29-2006, 11:39 AM
u guys are fuckin crazy