View Full Version : Disciples of the Wu-Tang 37th chamber

Jimmy Focus
07-11-2005, 03:29 PM
wat up. this is a collab that me and crastuf did

yo, I'm lyrically correct I spit so much heat I make mcs sweat over the internet
welcome to the 37th Chamber disciples don't understand the rhyme design, I got my blade refined torturing people to read between the lines,
I come wit more wilderness than the Amazon but more militant than the Panama cause I'm pushing my way in more than thongs and I'm clamping on niggas like prongs my status is prolonged due to to my endurance after the crash of the gong,
I'm so sharp they nicknamed me Ronin Reaper cause I'm haunting niggas when they in their deep sleeper and I'm setting off more tempers than movies, niggas, and beepers
I entwine the fine lines like words and phonelines, I cash in on more oppurtunities than trends and clothinglines but a lot of ya'll runout like money and rehab
major label fad niggas do what they're told to do like programmed tamagachi's they're softer than furbies but wanna act real cocky
welcome to the mind curupt chamber/
it aint a safe place so try and stay out of danger/
unlike any thing you ever seen before/
you aint got a single idea of what we have in store/
i could care less about anyone of ya opinions/
i rule this rap world wit out havin any minions/
my insightful mind always has to remind/
my stratedgy should always be to attack from behind/
i've decided to label this an instant hit/
elaborate form i call a rhythmic rhyme arithmatic/
kill evry emcee on verse 8 to 16 bars/
bright red like blind sided blood shot stars/
in the sky ready to explode and form a supernova/
this is true hip hop not big pimpin like hova/
its an enrichful raid like rakim in full i get paid/
it puts a smile on ya face like a pitcher of kool-aid/
no matter what I'll always remain hardcore/
like the flash I'm quik, Ima swift vocabulor/
runnin a race that just cant seem to end/
complicated grammer that you cant comprehend/
this aint the real world, this aint reality T.V./
its just a type of for realness found only in a CD/
trust me you dont wanna change the way I am/
cannibal hannibal its time to silence the lambs/
welcome to the 37th Chamber I control it like dictators do poverty, I walk on more niggas than Rae & Ghost's wallabee's
here go Rapsody who got more sting than a killa bee
though i still rock the fresh gear a pair of nike airs/
Ill still run through mud to escape enemy lairs/
radioactivity, chemical spill explosion/
as the world turns and crumbles i cut down the erosion/
I got many style like the great method man/
i came to bring the pain wit a microphone in my hand/
my skills increase every day not annual/
I stay up late at night and study the wu tang manual/
a-list that you plobably already missed/
bone chillin word that sound like a rattle snake hissed/
light speed runnin round crazy Im sonic/
animated story but this time it aint a comic/
melodic flow that only comes from a true lyricist/
ya get mind sickness as soon as ya done hearin this/
my imagination alone is stronger than a army/
chemical warfare cant do nuthin to harm me/
I done walked through the battlefield and done seen more repetition than reggaeton, welcome to the 37th Chamber it's on
*sounds of fighting*

07-12-2005, 01:29 PM
...you are not in the wutang clan... piece

07-12-2005, 02:13 PM
pretty cool

should put it to audio

Jimmy Focus
07-12-2005, 06:41 PM
thats a good Idea. there's no way for us to get together