View Full Version : Fat Boys Fell Off After Big & Beautiful album

09-30-2006, 04:05 PM
I got Big & Beautiful album at the house and i haven't listened to it in awhile but i remember the songs Sex Machine, Go For It, Big & Beautiful, Human Beat Box part 3, In The House that i liked. The album picture on the back of the album is funny. There's 3 ladies that are on the album pictures with them and on the back of the album picture, the 3 ladies look like they're mad at the Fat Boys because the Fat Boys fell asleep on them LOL. The ladies must've worn them out LOL. I didn't like any of the albums they did after Big & Beautiful such as Crushin, Coming Back Hard Again, On And On. The last album they did was called Mack Daddy but unfortunately Prince Markie Dee wasn't on that album. It was just Buff and Kool Rock Ski on that album which i didn't listen to. Did ya'll know rapper Queenpen had a baby by Buff?