View Full Version : SWIMMIN IN ASS cypher with locust

10-01-2006, 05:30 PM
LOCUST THE MC (2:03:08 PM): yo yo ima cyph with this kid vern..
just so you cats wont bite when its his turn
BaSkEtBalLFrK629 (2:04:14 PM): We'll kick verse till our HIPS HURT...then spit words to you bitch nerds
BaSkEtBalLFrK629 (2:04:20 PM): JIYEA
LOCUST THE MC (2:04:41 PM): haha
LOCUST THE MC (2:06:40 PM): you said it fam..
you know whos the better man so just let it stand
BaSkEtBalLFrK629 (2:07:57 PM): special plans...with extra hands, we pull clips to hit bitch kids with berretas man
LOCUST THE MC (2:08:48 PM): just type up the letters and rhyme in this small convo
downloading porn just to make sure yall fondle
BaSkEtBalLFrK629 (2:08:58 PM): ha!
BaSkEtBalLFrK629 (2:10:23 PM): I'll be shure to be Xing these herbs...they obsessing these words without blessing the verbs!
LOCUST THE MC (2:11:27 PM): ima veteran vern! so you need to type faster
this aint real life so you dont need to catch a breath like asma
BaSkEtBalLFrK629 (2:12:44 PM): sorry kid if im multitasking..i'm phoninh and blastin without knowing reaction
LOCUST THE MC (2:14:51 PM): homie your gasping i know you aint doing other shit
maybe jacking off with a 19 and a half inch rubber dick
BaSkEtBalLFrK629 (2:15:51 PM): Maybe I am dude, but you DAM RUDE for asking...I'll divide up your crew in FOUR FACTIONS
LOCUST THE MC (2:16:01 PM): hahahah
LOCUST THE MC (2:17:53 PM): im having multiple orgasms.. and i got high limits
dont talk about my moms duke, cause id hit it
BaSkEtBalLFrK629 (2:18:49 PM): Bet you would, you sick fucker....Only this cat would tap HIS MOTHER
LOCUST THE MC (2:19:21 PM): yea id hit it without a doubt
BaSkEtBalLFrK629 (2:20:33 PM): give the bitch clouded mouthe??
LOCUST THE MC (2:20:38 PM): haha
LOCUST THE MC (2:20:44 PM): yea id hit it within a minute without a doubt
id do it enough till she kicks me out the house
BaSkEtBalLFrK629 (2:22:10 PM): CHYEA
BaSkEtBalLFrK629 (2:22:22 PM): i totally jizzed everywhere just now
BaSkEtBalLFrK629 (2:22:24 PM): FUCK
LOCUST THE MC (2:22:28 PM): haha
LOCUST THE MC (2:23:42 PM): you got a large penis? cause thats how the fuck i like it
pleasse i i want to try your anhos and bust inside it
BaSkEtBalLFrK629 (2:24:36 PM): Bust inside, DUDE its a glory hole!!! I don;t get off ignoring SNOW!

10-01-2006, 08:20 PM
Haha, funny shit.