View Full Version : link to a Public Service Announcement for all Americans (rest of the world too)

Brent Schulze
10-02-2006, 01:33 PM
my announcement can be heard and downloaded at www.myspace.com/brentschulze (http://www.myspace.com/brentschulze) (yeah it's a beat, but check the clips for what's real)

this land is under attack. not by "terrorists", not by "islamo-fascists", not by "communists", and not by "activist judges" either. it is under attack by the very people who have committed worldwide atrocities all over the globe yet holding thinly veiled lies as the reason for committing more of them "for our safety". this has been going on for centuries, and there have been many casualties who stood for the truth. contradictions have already been made on multiple occasions, and the only way such outright deception will ever prevail is if we as a people do nothing to prevent this.

take a look over at www.loudobbs.com (http://www.loudobbs.com) and cast your vote on how you feel about the bush administration's plans to do away with america and replace it with a "north american union"!!! do you understand the seriousness of such a situation??? america + mexico + canada under one corrupt "business first citizens last" government! we must not stand for such!!!!

please listen to my announcement. this shit is real, it aint no propaganda!!!!!

work is now underway on the "schulzian politics" compilation! holla at me if you are interested in taking part in standing up for what's right in this world! negative minded savages need not apply.

thank you very much

peace be upon you all.

- B