View Full Version : REDMAN & CHUCKIE

07-11-2005, 07:18 PM
I'm Ashamed To Say I Saw The Movie "seed Of Chuckie" But I Wanna Know What Did Y'all Think About Redmans Performance????

07-11-2005, 07:27 PM
i thought the movie was awesome along with Tilly's Tittays. And redman was good for the role he was given (himself)

07-11-2005, 08:13 PM
did redman have a big role in it? was he a main charecter?

07-11-2005, 09:43 PM
he was not really a main character. Def. a main human character, but not overall.

07-12-2005, 06:03 AM
‘Seed of Chucky’ was great! Redman was Redman, what else can I say? I did love his method of choosing the perfect lead actress to play the role of the Virgin Mary! LMAO!!!

07-12-2005, 10:28 AM
did redman have alot of screentime?

might rent it or something.

07-12-2005, 11:46 AM
yeh he actually did have a pretty good amount of screentime.........nothing spectacular but yeh mabye a good 15-20 minutes...mos def setted up a scene tho, well 3 of them...pretty cool until he got his shit...sl...ah nvm..u gotta see it