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this is to educate you about one of the gratest men in our history

http://www.providence.edu/afro/students/panther/hampton.jpg Fred Hampton was a high school student and a promising leader when he joined the Black Panther Party at the age of 19. His status as a leader grew very quickly. By the age of 20 he became the leader for the Chicago Chapter of the Black Panther Party. He was in involved in a lot of activities to improve the black community in Chicago. He maintained regular speaking engagements and organized weekly rallies at the Chicago federal building on behalf of the BPP. He worked with a free People's Clinic, taught political education classes every morning at 6am, and launched a community control of police project. Hampton was also instrumental in the BPP's Free Breakfast Program. Hampton had the charisma to excite crowds during rallies, he was suppose to be appointed to the Party's Central Committee. His position would have been Chief of Staff if he did not have an untimely death on the evening of December 4, 1969.

Events Leading up to The Death of Fred Hampton

The social climate of the late 1960s was definitely NOT on Hampton's side. The government was not supportive of any radical political organization, and in fact turned out to be downright suspicious at any attempt to challenge or change the status-quo. Discriminating against the black community was the norm. When word of a "Days of Rage" rally came to the government's attention, it was known that some members of the BPP supported this "attack on the pig power structure." Allegedly, Fred Hampton and the majority of the Chicago Panthers did not support this rally, but to the FBI they were guilty by association. This information, combined with the general suspicion the government had of the BPP, and Fred's powerful speaking and organizing skills, made Fred Hampton a wanted man. The Federal Bureau of Investigation saw Fred Hampton as a threat to society that needed to be eliminated. They conspired with the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and William O'Neal to spy on Fred to give them information about his daily itinerary in order to have O'Neal's felony charges dropped. His job was to serve as a bodyguard of Fred and director of the Chapter's security. He was suppose to notify the FBI of the Panther's apartment floor plan and how many residents lived in the apartment. When the FBI got its information a raid was authorized by the state attorney Hanrahan. FBI special agents sent a memo to J. Edgar Hoover stating that "a positive course of action (was) being effected under the counterintelligence program." (quoted information from Shane Smith's Fred Hampton Page (http://www.pathetica.com/PATHETICA/FEATURES/HAMPTON/title.html))

That Unforgettable Morning

That evening Fred Hampton and several Party members including William O'Neal came home to the BPP Headquarters after a political education class. O'Neal volunteered to make the group dinner. He slipped a large dose of secobarbital in Fred's kool-aid and left the apartment around 1:30am, a little while later, Fred fell asleep. Around 4:30am on December 4, 1969 the heavily armed Chicago Police attacked the Panthers' apartment. They entered the apartment by kicking the front door down and then shooting Mark Clark pointblank in the chest. Clark was sleeping in the living room with a shotgun in his hand. His reflexes responded by firing one shot at the police before he died. That bullet was then discovered to be the only shot fired at the police by the Panthers. Their automatic gunfire entered through the walls of Fred and his pregnant girlfriend's room. Fred was shot in the shoulder. Then two officers entered the bedroom and shot Fred at pointblank in his head to make sure that he was dead, and no longer a so-called menace to society. It has been said that one officer stated, "he's good and dead now." The officers then dragged Fred's body out of his bedroom and again open fired on the members in the apartment. The Panthers were then beaten and dragged across the street where they were arrested on charges of attempted murder of the police and aggravated assault. The incident also wounded four other Panther members. For more information look at our page about COINTELPRO and Government Oppression of the BPP.

The Big Conspiracy

Immediately after the incident FBI, CPD, and state attorney Hanrahan started their cover-up. They showed false re-enactments on TV, fabricated photographic evidence, and went as far as making a fake investigation. Hanrahan had the audacity of saying, "We wholeheartedly commend the police officers bravery, their remarkable restraint and discipline in the face of this vicious Black Panther attack, and we expect every decent citizen of our community to do likewise." The members of the Black Panther Party did not take this incident lightly. They immediately opened up the apartment to the public to show the brutality of the police. A later investigation found that no more than four bullets left the Panther's apartment while approximately two hundred entered the apartment. As explained by this resource, there are many inconsistencies in the accounts of what really happened when Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were murdered. Information about the civil trial that the BPP filed against the government can be found here also. The civil trial was the longest civil lawsuit in the history of the United States of America according to the National People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (NPDUM). Despite a ridiculously long trial, not one officer spent a day in jail. Fred Hampton's murder has never been vindicated, other than through speaking engagements, accusations of government wrong-doing on the web, and literature published on the subject. The facts presented by this case seem so crystal clear in retrospect that it is difficult to see how a jury could acquit the perpetrators of such blatant violence. One would hope that the passing of time and increased social awareness has changed behavior in this country enough to prevent something like this from happening again. Sadly, accusations of conspiracies past and present seem to surface daily. These violations of Civil Rights endanger the freedom of all Americans and the integrity of the structures that govern us. Surpressing those who express controversial ideas are surpressing the voices of justice. Motivated by fear, oppressing these voices oppresses the voices of all Americans.
Fred Hampton's Legacy Lives on

His legacy is still alive in the members of the Black Panther Party. They are following the statement that Fred once said, "You can kill a revolutionary, but you can't kill a revolution!" The son of Fred Hampton, Fred Hampton, Jr. (http://www.providence.edu/afro/students/panther/hamptonjr.html) is a political prisoner in Chicago. He has not stopped his crusade, even from jail he struggles to keep his father's name alive.

http://www.providence.edu/afro/students/panther/SOUND.GIFListen to Fred Hampton, Sr. speak about being a revolutionary (http://www.providence.edu/afro/students/panther/revolution.wav)

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10 veiws this cat diservs more then that

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For real a legend he is!

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its just a shame not meny know of him

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What Really Happend on September 9th?
"What Really Happened on September 9th: an interview wit' POCC's Chairman Fred Hampton Jr

by Minister of Information JR

The government has been working over time throughout history to keep our people from creating a movement that will demand basic human rights as well as self-determination for our people. The Prisoners of Conscience Committee has been hit wit' a number of attacks over the last few years; from assassination attempts on the life of former political prisoner of 9 years Chairman Fred, to a number of arrest on trumped up charges of him, current political prisoner Minister of Defense Aaron Patterson, and even myself in a case earlier this summer. In this interview, the Chairman is talking about his recent arrest on trumped up charges, the current state of how much the POCC is being attacked, and the POCC's needs of financial assistance to further our political work.

Check out Chairman Fred Hampton Jr as he lays it out to our people in the raw...

MOI JR: I know about the counter-insurgency on our people in general and on the Prisoners of Conscience Committee as a whole, can you tell us the particular details of this arrest? And how does it relate to the last one that went down regarding the street party?

Ch. Fred: First and foremost, let me say revolutionary appreciation and greeting to yourself and the rest of the comrades, and the people in general. The fact is that the pigs have been either been popping me off, or popping at me. one or the other. In other words, they've been keeping me in a cell or trying to put me in the grave. In fact on the last arrest, a pig actually commented, I'm quoting him, "We're going to get you off of the streets one way or another." Just for the record, I think that you should note, that this isn't the first time that a representative of the state has said this. In this last case, you dig, as you pointed out, brotha minister, is a blatant example of the continuing counter-insurgency, the attacks that have been waged on our movement, and the leadership of our people, in general.

MOI JR: I know that we're continually being harassed as the POCC, and you specifically, why, with the death of former F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover, the people knowing about the counter-intelligence program, what is the point of this continued counter-insurgency that the government is waging against us and you in particular?

Ch. Fred: There are a number of points. I flashback on this piece, I think that it was "The Bitter Grain" which was authored by Melvin Newton, the brother of Minister Huey P. Newton, in which he talked about how the Panthers had a fundraiser in which I believe that they had to raise about $5,000 to go towards legal defense of Minister Huey's case. Around the same time a lot of members of the Party had got trumped up charges, and a lot of the trumped up charges were subsequently and quickly dismissed, which from the naked eye seems to be a victory, however all of the bonds and the ransoms came to about $5,000. The state was strategically levying a lot these charges against the comrades to deplete them of the resources. That's a key purpose. The state be steadily hitting me, or better yet hitting us, with these trumped up charges. It also creates a trial of "justification" for a final eradication, to straight up wipe us out. And as I said earlier, to deplete us of our resources, and that is something that they have been successful in, which I hate to say. In fact, we some deep in debt...lest just leave it at that, we're deep in debt. In the cases that they've been giving us, we've served as our own defense lawyers, etc, etc. Let me just say this also, let the record reflect that the POCC is broke, but not broke. In other words, we are financially fucked up, but our spirits are still strong. And I think that the totality of the dire situation should be laid out, because I don't want later on down the road or later on down the line, I don't want anyone grandstanding on our graves, speaking some fucked up French about our situation. In other words "We this and we that...", the reality is that when we we're sending out S.O.S. calls for assistance in this mission, we weren't getting no assistance. I just wanted to point that out for the record.

MOI JR: As I mentioned before when I was introducing you, this is the second arrest this summer, what is the status of the arrest that took place during the Chairman Fred Street Party dance practice?

MOI JR: They've been hitting us with these trumped up charges, you know what I'm saying, and continuos attacks, a lot of times its hard to keep things documented, but I do think that it is very important that we try to get these updates out to the people as quickly as we can. On the earlier case that you're speaking about when I was locked up for, they said "trespassing in a public park", which was around fighting for the democratic space for group, the Chairman Fred Hampton Street Dancers being able to practice in a public park. I ended up going to court for that case, you dig? They had dismissed the case, however we're fighting for the transcripts from that, because the judge made a statement in reference telling me to literally "stay up out of the parks" and we fighting to get the transcripts.

MOI JR: I just want to clarify that that is public park.

Ch. Fred: Public parks, exactly. Again, we're really struggling against all of these attacks, as difficult as it is, because they come at us back to back, we want to fight so that we can document these attacks so that the people can be clear now, and even down the road. One point that I mentioned earlier, that they set up a trail. We look at, when this government attacked other movements, organizations, or the people in general, they've done a number of different dry runs, before they make their final move to straight wipe you out. So that was a people's victory in that case in dealing wit' the park thing, but again we're struggling to get these transcripts and again people should be very clear, what went down with that case. In this case here, is a case in which I'm set to go to court on November 16th, at the Harrison and Kedzie Court House. This case grew out of, we had just dropped dead prez, and a number of artist off at a downtown Chicago hotel, in which they had just had a performance where it was set for people to convene to come meet up on the West Side of Chicago, to take some photographs and also build on Chairman Fred Hampton Way Street. As many people know on August 30th, on Chairman Fred's birthday in which he would've been 58 years old, the people had actually erected a street sign. So the Chairman Fred Hampton Street sign is up there, and it's a sight that we encourage when forces come in from out of town or what have you, that they go over there and acknowledge the site.

We were set to convene over there, after we drop these brothas in the downtown hotel, we were about 2 blocks away from there, so we were still in the downtown Chicago area. Me and a few forces, we seen between 75 and 100 African youth, running through the streets of downtown and they had flagged us down, when we rode past them, they told us that a couple of their companions had been shot. So we got out the car, and conducted what we refer to as a People's Investigation, to see what was going down. So we get out and we immediately see a young brotha and a young sista laying down wounded. And a lot of youth were saying that the police had shot these youth . So we trying to conduct an investigation, and talk to the people, and also get the ambulance there to get some medical services to the young brotha and sista. Man, it was like a scene out of Soweto 1976, where the pigs was just vamping on the people, you know what I'm saying? They ran right through the crowd, pierced the crowd and came directly towards me, directly up on me. Now the youth was hollering "what are ya'll attacking him for?" They grabbed me, and told me that I'm under arrest, cuffed me up, took me down a couple of blocks, and threw me down. This was in the presence of other pigs and the news media cameras. They threw me in the paddy-wagon, and they never even told me what I was charged with, but I got the code, not the penal code but the arrest code. I believe that it is a charge of resisting arrest. But again they never really articulated and told me what the charge was.

MOI JR: But if your charge is resisting arrest, what was the justification for arrest from the jump?

CH. Fred: There was no explanation ever given. The only thing that the pigs was saying to me was comments such as "we're going to get you off the streets one way or another", and all types of threats. It was never articulated to me on what charge I was given, you know what I'm saying? When I was taken to the station later on, and later given a bond release the following day, the only thing that was written down on the paper was the code. Usually they would articulate what your charge is, in this case it was never written out for me. It was a code written down there, and like I said, I den checked, and I'm almost sure that this code references to resisting arrest, and I was given a court date of November 16th. Let me say this also, alot of times I know it be hard for a lot of people to say, man I can't believe that they are steadily harassing him, so on and so forth, you dig? We have a bunch of this on video footage, and we say what Minister Huey P. Newton say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and action is supreme. So we're going to be mobilizing for the people to come to this Harrison and Kedzie (trial), in Chicago Illinois, on November 16t, that is what we refer to as an action alert to further expose these continuos attacks and the continuos trumped up charges that have been waged on our organization, and our people in general. And we're still conducting, a People Investigation, that was disrupted when the pigs gave me these trumped up charges, meaning to say that we're sill trying to check up on the status of this brotha and sista who is shot. We got reports also that another sista around 17 years old was locked up that night and given trumped up charges. So this whole campaign that has been launched around my case, is really a symbolism to further expose the continuous police terrorism, and attacks in general that have been waged on our people. In fact the name of the campaign, we're dubbing it, "What Really Happened on September 9th?" That was the day that this went down, September 9th.

To get in contact wit' POCC Headquarters, you could write PO Box 368255, Chicago Il, 60636. Also you could email akuanjeri@aol.com. To get in contact wit' the Minister of Information, you could email him at blockreportradio@yahoo.com or go to myspace.com/blockreportfilm.


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