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07-11-2005, 11:30 PM
Right now we fightin in a war/ who u fightin for?/ the Devil or the Lord?

We on the front line of this/ ephisians six 14-17 got me equipped/ for anything the devil tries to hit me with/ his flaming arrows I extinguish/ with the shield of faith/ and the breastplate of righteousness/ steady sharpen the knowledge of the word of god to inflict/ the sword of the spirit/ to those who chose to perish/ its fastened in my belt of truth/ ill die for my troops/ this wars divided into two groups/ Devils Vs. Christians aint no other option/ defeat sin and beat satin/ the battle of temptation/ I win for the maker of all creation/ so which side are you on?/ defeat is inevitable for those fightin for the devil/ its already written/ in then end where sendin him down and u goin with him/ same for those who choose not to believe/ thatís why u gottah receive/ so u can conquer all the tricks the devil got up his sleeve/ becuz he could be/ right up in your face and you still cant see/ that he wants you in hell cuz God wants u in heaven/ put ur shield up and donít let him/ step in/ and provoke ur life direction/ just think ah the Ressurection/ or when Jesus wouldnít let him test Him/ in the dessert fastin/ its time to take action/ cuz this second the war is happenin/ it will be lastin/ till my true soldiers forever relaxin/ I speak this with passion/ becuz ur sole is priceless/ lose to many battles and end up lifeless/ Christ is the only wait to beat the unrighteous/ with his strength he is the one I fight with/ spread light in the darkness/ like walkin in pitch black with a lantern/ I stand firm/ cuz one wrong step in my path burns/ so I stay aways from bad turns/ I have learned that God wraps his love around us like Saturn/ but u must ask first/ this love gives me mad thirst/ to drop bombs for victory/ explosion,/ thatís right drop bombs/ continuously/ TNT on that cracka/ T.R.U.T.H/ he hates/ watch him flee/ I can see outcome like it already happened/ Jesus ridin on his horse slashin/ demons bettah watch out/ sliced from the sword in his mouth/ whatcha gonna do then/ ya ruined/ its like the same things happenin this instant/ for instance every choice you make is a battle in itself/ wrongs one keeps you and Him distant/ rattlin ya self/ thatís real talk/ hope u didnít miss it/ damagin ya health/ prevention of this what is what im stressing/ thatís what I speak the message with Gods presence so my establishment is felt/ gainin troops right and left/ join the invincible/ undestructable donít be timid yo/ cuz we winnin

07-12-2005, 02:23 AM
You seemed to have developed on your flow. But the content i think you are not being creative-you seem to just repeat the same information just making it longer. If you were in a christian congregation don't just preach for the sake of preaching you are trying to convince people that the message is not just a stereotype, but its something you thought of and you have the experience to prove it. Otherwise just leave it to yourself. Show your skill!!!!!!!Here and there your flow went off pace, but continue working on it. If someone has a sword to your throat and he asks you to sing one last song (and you place this one-what do you think will happen,even though his gonna cut your throat till you die)?


07-12-2005, 05:01 AM
devils vs christians; jesus ridin on his horse slashing .... just makes me shake my head, I don't like your content since you are an extremist

your flow is better than in the other stuff I read from you, your metaphors precise, too, sometimes

07-12-2005, 10:06 AM
thanks for the feedback....Racailla i took those straight from the Bible.

Definitive X
07-12-2005, 12:26 PM
For some reason I don't think "Devils vs. Christians ain't no other option" was in the scriptures...dude, you have talent, but your content is limited...I understand that you feel your faith just like I am very into mine, but at the same time, there's a line that you are ALLOWED to cross when rhyming...tell a story (without a Christian moral attached to it), battle a dude based on his skills, not his religion...go outside of your own box for a seocnd. PEACE

07-12-2005, 03:35 PM