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10-07-2006, 07:15 PM

The long awaited official myspace music page for one of the
Screwface Capitol's hardest workin street general's is finally here!

For the epitome of street intellect through hard hitting struggle
music check out WWW.MYSPACE.COM/WASUNMUSIC (http://www.myspace.com/WASUNMUSIC)

Yall know the state of world we live in is on some enslavement
through capitolism bullshit...while corporations, governemnt, and
elite societal faculties work closely to keep their greedy hands on
controling the economy through forcing people of working and lower
class levels to work for minumum wage, cutting funding to run
community programs, miseducating school curriculum etc...the
dividing lines between the poor n rich grow wider on a constant
basis. Revolutionaries like Wasun himself have made it their
business to build forces up amongst those hungry for change.
If you are tired of the same old brain-washin bullshit we bear
witness to on a regular basis and are seeking that nutritional mind
building substance, yall needa get down and knowledge this
movement for real! this is more than a rapper on a mic, skilled
wordsmith or street hustla makin paper! this is the peoples
movement to BANG OUT against the conditions of life that the
system has forced people to live in.

Over the years Wa has been OUT HERE workin in the community
fighting FOR/WITH the people to improve social platforms for current
and future generations to come! through the medium of Myspace.com
we are able to bring you these rebel music anthems, news postings,
event listings, videos, blogs and all that other good shit yall myspace
peeps be fuckin with live n direct! We are trying to network with the real!
The movement is here! Its time we take control and develope a strong
foundation with solid roots that will be able to withstand the forthcoming
rains and winds of change in order to see the light of better days after the
storm's pass! so in ending......we invite yall to come through, check out
the page, show some love, learn somethin and add on!

PRODUCERS/ BEATMAKERS take note: Wasun is now lookin for beats for
upcoming projects curently being worked on...if you are a hungry
producer/beatmaker and want to submit your work get at us through
myspace...that raw dusty Hiphop sound is the only requirement! if
you feel like you in tune with the vibes we puttin out, come
through...show n prove you got that heat!

Wa's Music page is ran by Wasun and Liftid (that me's yo)
for further info n contact...peep the page!

Power and strength to all our comrades advancin the game, all people
dealin with tha struggle, present n future fans, and those showin support!

"This is bigger than HIP HOP"

Love n Light


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