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07-12-2005, 01:00 AM
Anyone here have a live battle? Had my first fucking one tonight some white wigger kid I know. Us 2 and maybe like 8 other people I felt so stupid doing it but he wanted to and I knew was killing this kid. I told him to go first and he somewhat surpised me, I was expecting some extremely wack shit and it was but not what I was expecting. So it was my turn and I cant remember what I said except my last punchline I used GZA's "how did you think you could make first down if you were boxing you wouldnt escape the first round." I love that line so much I had to use it. It was fun beating him but I don't really like freestyling like that. So what was your little live battling fiasco like?

07-12-2005, 01:07 AM
i snatch him out his goddamn element....
in the middle of class he kept repeating this "float like a bumble bee" punchline that was gay and something else with " i wrote rhymes liek that in 3rd grade" type of amature shit..
but yeh i came up with this phat metaphore with the moons eclips and the apaclypse n shit and right then i won.....we battled again during lunch it the bathrooms cause battling and rapping in school is againts the rules, no bullshit, its distracting or whatever...but anyways we were battlin and my dead friend James Romero was on the beatbox and i guess one of the teachers heard us and called the sercurity gaurd and we went in and they treated us liek we had a drug problem....liek "why do u guys rap" i was like "its not a big deal man" and i laughed and he said well if u guys wanna battle, battle right now, and i whooped his ass in front of the security gaurd and the counsalor, which was funny cause i got 20 minutes out of the next class for battlin hahahaha

07-12-2005, 01:29 AM
There used to be battles that my boi hosted at this abandoned building by where I live. MAD people went there, but kept it on the low. My first battle was when my name was still getting remembered. Battled this dude named Pop, and I remember people really felt one of my weak punches: "Your nowhere near my level, its the flowing that astounds crowds/ Your shit will never stand out like roaches on a brown couch/" go figure, they liked it for sum reason. Its not really that much, cause i know theres bound to be sum1 else who's used it, so w/e. He started bitching about race, and saying that only Black people oughtta win and how hispanics can't, etc. I won the tournament and got myself 500 dollars, which i later wasted on clothing. 1
lol what the fuck, fucking racist fuck

07-12-2005, 02:05 AM
Shit I only battled my friend at his house in front of his cousins n shit. It was funny cause there all wack lol