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What was your relationship with Proof like most recently?
It was like five years of catching up on all the experiences he had been through. It was still the big brother/little brother type relationship. We had a routine: Wild Woodyís on Wednesday, Tuesday was Northern Lites, Mondays we would hang at a titty bar call Jon-Jonís, Saturday was the State Theater. If I wanted to see him or find him, I knew where to go. We would play pool at Bookies.

In the last few months before his death, was there anything different about Proof?
It was different. He was starting to get more focused. He had stopped all the pills and weed smoking. Before, we were deep into metaphysics. Anything that he was doing, he was fully aware of the concepts. Proof [was] not only a very intelligent person, he was very spiritual as well.

Tell us about that night. How did it start off?
Once we started hanging, we started hanging until the sun came up. After hours was nothing out of the norm for us, we had been doing that since í95. It was a Monday night. I text him. He says, ďIím at the Coliseum. Me, Horny Mack and Chop.Ē The Coliseum is a strip tease establishment. We at the titty bar chilliní. Got the booth, drank a little, hollered at the DJ. Then we go to the Rolex, another strip tease establishment, and then we go to the CCC. I had been there numerous times before that. It was kind of a shady spot. Cats always had they pistols. We hip-hop and from Detroit, but you still got to keep strapped, because Detroit is a gangsta-ass city, and thereís a lot of cats that want to play gangsta here. Certain cats get down and the East Side has the reputation for being the grimier side of town.

What happened when you went inside Triple C?
For some reason they searched everybody, but they didnít search me. I had my pistol on me, of course. We had some drinks, everybody buzzed up. It was a private establishment and it wasnít really that crowded that night. The guy that I [now] know as Keith Bender was playing pool with Proof. Horny Mack [another person in Proofís entourage] was watching the game. I was kinda pissed there wasnít no ladies in the house. I just chilled, watched the game for a minute and went to the other side of the bar. We were getting ready to leave. We walked out the door. We saw two girls from the Rolex, one I was hollering at previously.

I go back in and I didnít get searched again. Proof started hollering at one of the girls. I started hollering at the other girl. We kickiní it. Iím macking, Iím doing the Mudd thing. Meanwhile, to my left I see Bender and Proof having some words. They started to get a little loud. I told old girl, ďHold on for a second. Letís try to calm shit down.Ē It wasnít anything out of the ordinary for Proof to get drunk and fight. [He had] that personality, the Derrty Harry, the scrap-happy type of individual.

How was Keith Bender acting at this point?
ďI donít care who the fuck you are,Ē thatís what Bender was saying to Proof. Even with [Proof] being on the cover of Rolling Stone, he still would go around to different spots and show love in the city. Of course Bender knows who he is. He went to Osborn with himóon that side of town, thatís the main high school. They know each other and Iím sure theyíve had dialogue before this. Everybody knows somebody from somebody. At the time, I didnít notice, [but] this was pretty much the Osborn crowd, just grown.

They in the argument, so we separate them. I remember my last words to Bender were ďCalm down, it ainít that serious.Ē He had his arms folded, leaning up against the back of the bar. Proof was talking to L.A., the owner of the club, trying to smooth the shit out. Thatís when Keith Bender walked around me. Nobodyís really watching him because we thinking the shit is cool.

Bender walks around me, and walks up behind Proof and punches him in the face with his right hand. Everybody starts backing up like, ďGet out the way, let them fight.Ē There were people up there with Bender. We were all going to fight, but this discrepancy was between these two gentlemen. All of a sudden I hear some shots coming from my right side, behind me. I look up and see itís Mario Etheridge shooting in the air, I guess to break up the fight.

How did you react when you heard the first shots?
Reflex-wise, I put my hand on my gun. Itís already escalating and now muthafuckas shooting. Iím going for my pistol. Proof knew I had my pistol. Proof tackles me across the room onto the pool table. As heís pushing me back. Iím looking at Etheridge. Heís shooting in the air. At the same time Proofís pushing me. Iím telling him, ďHeís shooting in the air, donít sweat it.Ē Heís like, ďMudd, give me the gun.Ē I tell him, ďHe ainít trying to kill us.Ē Proof slams me into the back of the pool table. I fall back, he pulls my pistol from my waistband. He walks across to where he was fighting with Bender and he shoots in the air, I guess answering the shots that Mario put in the air. And so with that, Bender attacks him. Theyíre struggling. Iím getting off the pool table because my back is fucking killing me, so Iím kind of slow reacting, getting over to the side of the room. Before I could get over there, Mario had came through and started shooting in the direction of Proof and his cousin, Keith Bender. I see them both drop. Thereís smoke everywhere. Mario Etheridge leaves. Iím moving people out of the way. I see Proof lying there hit, blood everywhere. Keith Bender is lying there bleeding, blood slowly running out of his head.

What happened next?
Iím reaching for my phone. Itís in the car. Horny Mack has the keys. Iím like, ďUnlock the door, let me get my phone so I can call 911.Ē I go get my phone, I come back in. I look and Benderís body is gone. Iím looking around and the back door is open. I see Proof, Iím checking for the vitals. Ainít none. There was this look in his eye, he wasnít there anymore. I still couldnít call 911. It was more so shock than anything. Iím normally cool under pressure-type situations, but it was one of those things. We couldnít do nothing, say anything. Chop [the third man in Proofís entourage] was there. He was crying. Chopís looking at me like, Where are those keys? Iím still looking at Proof. Chopís screaming. Iím like, ďWho got the keys? Horny Mack?Ē And heís like, ďI donít got the keys.Ē We were going to get his body out and get him to the hospital.

How were the other people in the club acting at this point?
We heard doors lock and I heard a girlís voice say, ďThis what we gonna say yíall. We gonna say Proof got shot at Coney Island [an all-night diner].Ē Me hearing that, Iím looking at my pistol on the ground next to Proofís left hand. I grabbed my pistol. Iím thinking, Yíall can say what you want to say. You already killed the man. But yíall gonna leave this nigga and dump him somewhere? Iím not going to live with that. I know Iím gonna live and tell the story the correct way. I leave [and] take my gun with me out the back door. Iím watching to see if anybody [is] trying to stop me. As I head up the street, Horny Mack comes walking between the side of these two houses. Iím hurt and Iím not walking too fast. I see Horny holding his hand. He said he was hit, he got shot in the hand. Iím like, ďDamn, Horny, what we gonna do?Ē Horny bent the corner and went back around toward the club. I went straight. I knew I wasnít going to cooperate with the story. I ainít never been that cat. They want me to cooperate so ainít nobody going to jail. I was like, Fuck that.

Iíve never been shocked before or terrified beyond the capacity of rational thought. I couldnít remember where the fuck I had parked my car. Iím in a state of shock. I called my cousin who is a lawyer, told her, ďThis is what happened. It was my gun. Am I in any kind of trouble?Ē I ainít trying to go jail. I donít want nobody to come looking for me in retaliation. I know they trying to corroborate a story. I donít know what to do.

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Sounds like a lot of bullshit

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damn man, thats some crazyass shit... i still cant believe the dudes dead


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Yeah R.I.P. PRoof