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10-09-2006, 09:45 PM
I'm Compiling a book of Wu-Corp's finest writer's material for a project in my Literature class at Oglala Lakota College. The main parameters of my project is that I have to get a community i'm a part of to get involved in literature(either reading or writitng). So I have decided to make a book showcasing Wu-Corp's skills, since we have a lot of good writers here.

If you want to be part of the book, please write an orignal piece of literature, and submit it in this thread. This thread will act as the book, and will be a documentation of the project. I am asking for something related to literature:

short stories
or songs/verses.....if they tell a story my teacher can count them as literature.

I am requesting that everyone who posts in the Temple of Darts to submit at least one piece of writing for this project. Please PM me a note giving me permission to print out your writing for the book, which will also be part of my documentation process. Also PM me any details about yourself that you would like to add with your work so that readers can know more about you.

Your writing will go beyond wu-corp and could possibly bring more people to view your work here at the forum. I'm hoping everyone get's involved so that Wu-Corp's voice will be heard. If the project comes out good, I want to make more copies of the book so that we can reach a lot more people. I am not trying to make money off of this project.


Thank you for your co-operation.

Lil' Ruger
10-09-2006, 09:52 PM
this is the first one if you change the swears that would mater to me but since its college i think u'd only need to change the word nigga. ill get the other.

alright creep through da rain
to bring da pain
scare dem old folks in da big house till dey go insane
only make loud noises when it thunder
they whole torso fuckin get sundered
all my soldiers gather around while you wonder
first load ya clips
gun equip
creep quick and seal ya lips
combat boots ground hit
bangin ak’s bullets through da window make a nigga flip
off da hinges door get kicked
they upper body get ripped
they get tripped
and apply pressure to the spine
tell my soldiers to move on dis niggas mine
first I bang his nose wit da back off da gun poke eyes out blind
chandelier shaken spreadin moving shine
he said he’ll have me killed I crossed a fine line
I shrugged my soldiers dragged the death out to pass away the time
I hear my soldiers boots bangin upstairs
the towns militias screams I give dis man a blank stare he’s done
then I reach for my gun
then I spot his young son
I point it outta bullets
the light cord I pulled it I got night vision
u know me who is em
time to put away da schisms and iszms
silent touch and snap the neck
ceiling falls down what wreck
the job is finished that’s it
I sit count the blood money im rich

Lil' Ruger
10-09-2006, 09:53 PM
here is the other.

through the darkness I creep
climb through the window then I peep
from the dungeon walls ooze seeps
and theres this continues beep
I continue through dis shallow place
I have visions and see a man with no face
but he sees me and turns back and shows me a black case
I open it and chaos reigns!
through the next chamber I spy scattered brains
and shattered remains
of demonic spirits
bangin chronic fear it
the true nature to his plans were obscured
but they were devious im shure
and to this poison im injected there is a fabled cure
I see the next guardian I step to him say sir
he first gestures at the water
then he tells a story about how he lost his daughter
he showed me some of the techniques he taught her
then I wondered
as the unseen out side thundered
where was I
and I hear continuous screams of people being brutalized
then I utilize the third eye
I discover how many died
it was a death toll
that no guilty mans soul could hold
million of thousands dragged out tortures
it seems in my path life of this I was the author
people saturated in flames
stripped of their familys and meant to feel pain
my emotions stopped as the cruelty returned
in my cold dark heart the hate burned
and my neck contorted twisted and turned
for this torture I yearned
to realive these men and women of their losses
and feel no shame like anti- gat tossas
ass I pass this man and enter room three
the obvious fact occurs to me
that this third room will be my death
and with it I become obsessed
the man says nothing as I enter the room
knowing that this will be my tomb
he tells tales from the mind about children dieng in the womb
the room fill with fumes
and brings me too the knees of my doom
but I don’t perish I stay alive
buti can still feel the gas burning in my eyes
its terrible the pain is enormous
now I let them sing the demonic chorus

10-09-2006, 09:59 PM
Okay good stuff.....anyone that wants to submit work, just keep laying it down, so we can keep writing flowing in. I'm not asking anyone to change or sugar coat they're stuff just submit your best work.

Bigot Hitman
10-09-2006, 10:00 PM
Best stories
Murderous attacker, used to be a Packer line backer
Lacked a sexual life despite the riches, he masturbated wit pictures
The after math of the fact he was abused as child
Used steroids while in highschool, side effects turned him wild
Relentless competitor on the field, special teams ace
He spent his better time in the gym, Thirty four inch waist
Suspened with no pay for violating the substace abuse policy
A life tragedy in his mind ,this was the climax of his new hobby
Next day a 17 teen year old boy was hanging dead from a tree
Surrounded by flees and diseases pleased the heart of the depleted
Mentally, turned serial killer, local veteran cops say he was lonely
Physically his strenght over powered 14 victims, and that was only
The ones that were found, at nights you hear feint sounds around his house
Died in a jail cell by suicide, with a broken floresent light fixture shoved in his mouth

She was 5'6 105 pounds, small wita round face
Loved dance music, liked the sound of bass
Rolled wit the pops at school, new half the girls in the city
Stole her phone when i was thirsty for pussy, her pearls was grity
Expensive high class, ti-bo tight ass, could bitchy at times
Banged* plenty of bitches and left stitches, around the eyes
Had beef wit plenty of girls and niggas to, so i ain't surpried
That she came to school limpin at the thighs, and recently died
Kilt, no i didn't contradict, ever heard of a high class gangsta bitch?
I just call them getto goldiggers, made drug bosses change an switch
Phone numbers, adresses, she proly fought 15 girls through adolesence
Guess she never learned her lessons,
I never fronted to her, cuz in big purse she caried a wesson
Switch blade knife, but i heard she had a gat, i'm appearing circastic
At her funeral, her whole family did her wrong, left no flowers on her casket

As i hop off the metro, i imedieatly notice a crowd
Coughin on the set yo, peeped this kid otis in the cloud
Colored cadi, with those one rims that don't stop spinnin
That southern fatty bitch was wit him, droppin suspcious
Looks, two other vicious crooks posted in the back seat
Got out, the door squeeked, both had the black heats
Impresions in their pockets, ran into crowd wit them tightly cocked
Wit no lifes in question they popped a bitch, the fight stopped
Grabbed one of the dudes that was bangin, and threw him in the trunk
With savage tools i heard they left him hangin, but they got sewed for months
Cuz the bitch that they had popped, had a sister that peeped the scene
Now him and his crew is on the clock, wit 13 years, fam crying on tv screens
But thats not half of it, because 13 wasn't shit to her sister
Thats dead now wished they would have missed her, temper turned twister
And she set up a whole murder, from outside of the prison
I can still vision, her face when the judje read the sentence
And none of this i mentioned, to anybody cuz they wouldn't listen
Wasn't on the snitchin shit, and i knew that she set it up, so the tension
Of me not slipping and leaking the eveidence was always present
The feeling wasn't pleasant, cops confronted but i was hesitant
That was 5 years ago, she's grown and i still haven't told
But this was serious yo, to me because it mad my savage mold
And state of mind the i have today, now can't nothin surprise me
Black light i shine in a way, try to hide behind somethin disguising

Best writing

I fund a mental pateint through lyrics that come spiritual
These are fundamental basics, foundations are critical
Potential grows exponetial, been through the white flames
The presidential has the essential credentials that ignite games
Thats of a legend, spoke to the reveren for seven seconds
On some blessin wit words, but niggas wrestlin wit weapons
Peep the message, One versus four hardcore mc's i tore
Washed them niggas upon shore, behind the discount store
Put your, thoughts together nicely
Fuck the fighting through writing, fists strike like lighting
Givin dental records to the biting
Yo Electrical techinical specticales can't see me in a wire
Medical assistance need by the opposin foes, trapped in fire
So put down that desire because death will transpire hastley
Hire niggas to sell saphires, them switchin liars try to waste me

Fuck that, attack were your the weakest, causin seisures
As i seise your mc degrees...pens bleed diseases
Once your on the ground, see i proceed to stompin, you coughin
Up blood stainin the rug, it leads to sleepin in the coffins often
And don't fuckin try to play dead, cause i beat the dead too
I'll shed two bullets and pull it, before them street feds knew
And fuck wasting mass clips, i aim high, no time to waste
Here's some basic rules
Never shoot below the waist, and be quick to find the safe
In a robbery, it would be hard to be succesful like the lottery
You'll proabaly go out singing like R and B artists,
As the hardest lead and metals, enter your arteries
Thats why niggas be like stick and move, but stay controlled and professional
The best that know is old but was bold and explode like planetesimals
While they move the decimals, Experts of extortion on cities
Distortion in portions, set things in motion potent as potions
From a small trickle or notion of commotion puts folks in oceans

It takes one thousand shots in the chest just to wake me up
A couple a stabs in the back to get my attention if
It takes 14 lifetimes for the feds to take me but
I'd say about 15 lifetimes for the media to mention it
See infered like a viper that why i'm hired as a sniper
Shoot you wit two to the head, and yo daughter too if i don't like her
Goin all out, fuck a fall out, my crew will never lose
We sever you until those clever dudes find the revenue
Use the skulls of victims as ceral bowls yo
Fruit loops in the bones, extra calcium from the crooks that stole
Books i sold, on how to be a hardcore MC overseas
Went gold in a week, book called "no clothes...o...i'ma peek"
Speak'in on the unique disease born from my physique
Bitch please, And no cure for me, or immunity, i shall ruin thee

Bigot Hitman
10-09-2006, 10:40 PM
oooo yeah and this is probaly my favorite verse, it started some beef cuz i said it blew everthing out on the page...

So many have suffered and in time endured the result of face'in me
Those rehearsed buffered lines is obscure insults basically
I assure you that i come mature leavin the secure unsure
Wild but demure, let the lines in-sure this ain't no de-tour
Away from the point, i need more sickles to cell* you into pain
Check this murder joint, blood trickles in pails from the veins
Quarter told me about the the nickles you tried to pimp out like dimes
Him and penny was fuckin with your mind,
Because they ran a train with fifty cent on pint, and so did I
Thats when gallon got into it with you cuz pint's his bitch
But gallon don't know that when we was on the table, we all piped her which
Means that "cup" probaly ain't even his "container"
Tried to tell'em pint isa hoe, and just water wouldn't entertain her
Story told, short plot, like the mc's careers i face nightly
Close peers shed tears, once the adhered are effaced slightly
Is frighting, to see sides of people you haven't, now your out the cabinet
"Shocked" quick like lightning, after winning was a habbit
Then the heros lose, and their perspective, takes a new point of view
The serums ooze, never again respected, they crew's dissapointed too

THe scheme is perfect on the piece Imo...

Father N Dangerous
10-09-2006, 10:45 PM
heh i respect wat ur doing here charging! feel free to put this in


Little Hustla's at the age of fourteen, learnin not ta trust a warning
on da block sellin morphene, rocks in his sock for more green\/

The streets got older phines, that will shape and mold your teens
contemplate the colder schemes, with mistakes that sold their dreams
Greedy snakes are visable, attempts to see me break and explode\/

These streets replace your friends for foes,
Please see straight down those never ending roads\/

The old teamz on the scene deppressed,
cuz someone told the whores where ta be and dress
it's gettin harder for me to breathe respect,
i just wanna see success, and let all the secrets rest\/

Theres no way to profit from progress,
cuz even phrophets coun't stop the ways of projects
don't forget to display rage towards the opposite sex
this life is a maze so i pocket a promise\/

What good are all these thugs with techs
they up in the hood with guns ta flex
thinkin they minds is above the rest,
but when it's time they'd rather hug then wreck\/

I'll keep my sons in check is what i use to tell cops,
i avoided those cell blocks cuz i'd sell glocks
with ammunition ta get the other man missin for twelve blocks,
my mission to be at my peak before the shells drop\/

Gettin the cash on the street scene i coun't pass up,
I'd blast those weaklings i was past bad luck
Ya class got a beating if ya acted tough,
ya ass got mad stuck in the back of the trunk\/

Untill i got caught in and started chokin from intoxication,
visons of wooden coffins from the smokin glocks im facin
often i'd off mens tops for alot of payments,
my own moms im hatin for sendin me to this abombination\/

But like scriptures and pages i got caged in and arrested,
minimium wages coun't pay shit so i confessed it
all the ladies that be pregnant ya life is a blessin,
take it day by day with all the remembrance.....thats the message\/

10-10-2006, 02:22 PM
An ode to those who pave such elegant roads
And chose not goals creating eloquent woe
Wove souls from thread containing five elements
Wed east with west behead nine elephants
Bred nine gods with weapons of benevolence
Defy the odds divide chaotic settlements
Supply unearthly illusion ethereal confusion
Combine birth with the girth of deaths delusion
Synthesize all entities contrive final conclusion
Space, time, mind, body, spiritual fusion
A union of beauty exists with limitless movement
Execute ghastly apparitions who consume dreams
Lead weaves of ominous greed once thought ingenious schemes
Strict business of trees is the dark breeze that limits the leaves

10-10-2006, 04:00 PM
OFF THE LAST WORD CYPHE (up 2 u if u wanna use it)
U got my permission to print
agentz slayin thoze preying on foes slangin bangin hoes..../
hatin on bankrollz made easy..'grillz' n 'cheezey frontz' 'measly stuntz'../
weed in bluntz..obeying craving for highness..silence..! as I RYME SICK!../
pplz worship tyrantz.. instead of hyness.. dead off hyneiken..truble timeless../
doubled sirens..as cattle of cops battle tha blocks..rattle ya stopz..grabbin glockz../
nuthin iz as fragile as heart..thatz were Im stashin my plotz..cash just a mockery../
lyricz PUNCTURE..BEAT plunge ONCE..stabbin wit HARPS..crashin 'U' GODz.../
U LACKIN THA START.. oF A MC.. and itz foundation..all u are.. is TRASH at itz TOP!
AC fillaying rappers wit slangz that capture..bangahz that mangle u after../
stayin heated..deletin playaz who cheatin..wipe OFF GRINZ..snipe OFTEN../
tryna be clever when sayin..u goin WIN.. but MY "Title" nevah Conveying..

// LEAVIN YOU ORPHANED !! <- bonus...

Battle 1
10-10-2006, 06:22 PM
here is the other.

through the darkness I creep
climb through the window then I peep
from the dungeon walls ooze seeps
and theres this continues beep
I continue through dis shallow place
I have visions and see a man with no face
but he sees me and turns back and shows me a black case
I open it and chaos reigns!
through the next chamber I spy scattered brains
and shattered remains
of demonic spirits
bangin chronic fear it
the true nature to his plans were obscured
but they were devious im shure
and to this poison im injected there is a fabled cure
I see the next guardian I step to him say sir
he first gestures at the water
then he tells a story about how he lost his daughter
he showed me some of the techniques he taught her
then I wondered
as the unseen out side thundered
where was I
and I hear continuous screams of people being brutalized
then I utilize the third eye
I discover how many died
it was a death toll
that no guilty mans soul could hold
million of thousands dragged out tortures
it seems in my path life of this I was the author
people saturated in flames
stripped of their familys and meant to feel pain
my emotions stopped as the cruelty returned
in my cold dark heart the hate burned
and my neck contorted twisted and turned
for this torture I yearned
to realive these men and women of their losses
and feel no shame like anti- gat tossas
ass I pass this man and enter room three
the obvious fact occurs to me
that this third room will be my death
and with it I become obsessed
the man says nothing as I enter the room
knowing that this will be my tomb
he tells tales from the mind about children dieng in the womb
the room fill with fumes
and brings me too the knees of my doom
but I don’t perish I stay alive
buti can still feel the gas burning in my eyes
its terrible the pain is enormous
now I let them sing the demonic chorus

"Through the darkness I creep
Cilmb through the window then peep....etc."

Pimptastic that second story is fanatastic. One of the illest stories I ever read. Love it. Very suspenseful. Through that whole story. The old scary looking man scenerio. Then that last room sh*t was like the cliff hanger, your very own death. Really was on some like gasp for your breathe sh*t. Man reading that sh*t was like one of those halloween exciting, suspenseful horror stories. You took them there, no doubt.


Battle 1
10-10-2006, 06:39 PM
^^Man I could picture that verse thrown over a real grimey, ill, creepy, spine tingling beat that's deep like those lyrics are to me anyways. Like one of those real deep dark grimey ill beats on Gza's Liquid swords album. Those lyrics or that verse you wrote is real visual. And definetly on point the whole way through.

Battle 1
10-10-2006, 07:35 PM
Charging Soldier with your avatar and all I figured that you were maybe into Native Americans. Lake Dakota and all also speaks for itself. Well, here's a little something I came up with regarding their struggle. It's called Natives for short as in Native Americans.


The story of natives at one with their creators
Earth's truest relatives temple steeple spoken narrative
The passage long yet narrow like points of an arrow
Wardrobes reflected sun like the color yellow
Rings hung from earlobes and varied like what was carried
Light torches strobe in order to have probed the globe
No matter where they roam proudly stood alone
Different sections of earth shown
To some unknown the divine throne
In shapes of a cone form liked a clone
Ravaged land called home
From the mouth foam wherever the buffalo roam
Spoken language emotions carried in tones
Riddled by ancient poems laying up in domes
Dated back before Rome's
Winds blown and all they had was owned
Painful messages expressed through a microphone


My arrows flew caught two or three
Hid beheind a tree but they were unable to flee
My babies nested in a tee-pee like women with beautiful ti-tees
Swinging from canopees
I see Penelope
Can it be ?
I the one that no one can stop he
Sting as hard a killer bee
Wear trophies around my neck like a key
On my own land I pee
Before my own woman I knee
Not trying to cop a plee
It's either you or me

I take care of my baby plus my lady
Not trying to be shady
Okay, life is no joke so I don't play
No one get in my way
Unless you want to make my day
Mark my words like the earth where I lay
You will look gay
Line of fire arrows will spray
Either way I want my pay
On my own land I stay

On a reservation for perservation
My mental plane in states of elevation
No more foreign invasion by the caucasion
Or trips to the police station
Use protection to avoid their infection
Local election I am the selection
If chosen control over destiny perfection


Lil' Ruger
10-10-2006, 08:39 PM
"Through the darkness I creep
Cilmb through the window then peep....etc."

Pimptastic that second story is fanatastic. One of the illest stories I ever read. Love it. Very suspenseful. Through that whole story. The old scary looking man scenerio. Then that last room sh*t was like the cliff hanger, your very own death. Really was on some like gasp for your breathe sh*t. Man reading that sh*t was like one of those halloween exciting, suspenseful horror stories. You took them there, no doubt.


^^Man I could picture that verse thrown over a real grimey, ill, creepy, spine tingling beat that's deep like those lyrics are to me anyways. Like one of those real deep dark grimey ill beats on Gza's Liquid swords album. Those lyrics or that verse you wrote is real visual. And definetly on point the whole way through.

ya always lift my spirits that was my verse on da rukk stops here go to the templeand look for pimpins god concept.

i tried my hand at a poem from what i was feeling and it is mediocre i'd say use it if you'd like


what is sin?
is it merely a wrong?
a frowned on act judged by society?
because if sin is this
then in a madman's eyes
sin is nothing but an imagined word
and if sin is imagined and just thought up
then the madmen are sane
and the sane are terribly unstable
chaos is order
this means we live in chaos and order in a horrible mix
and we dont even know it
the madmen who are in fact sane
are locked in an asylum while the sane run rampant
this may be a theory many things ARE unknown
if chaos is order the apocalypse is near
sharpen ya swords kid because guns will malfunction and backfire
young will become old dust
bombs will launch
it all will come down to the few survivors
becoming engaged in battle primatively and one faction
will prevail and slowly that faction will die out untill there is nothingnes
BUT in nothingness there is always somethingness
to revert this nothingness
the 9th realm and 5th will collide
and create devastation
while the doom room becomes over used
and the punishment chamber full
the pendelum rusted from cold wet blood
as well as the executioners axe
the gallows will be trophie display cases for demons
devils will enslave races
the blacks will be under the whipe
and whites sowing fire
battle plans for the 7th real will be set
and from unseen portals will emerge a prohphet
a seven headed dragon and a beast will come from the sea
clans and tribes will try to gain knowledge and scribe
but it will become useless
as destructiopn is now creation
and as they create empires
mighty empires fall
of course.........i could be wrong.

Dae Ja Nae
10-10-2006, 11:50 PM

Lil' Ruger
10-11-2006, 12:18 AM
^^^^ kool dae

10-11-2006, 02:55 PM
Snowy caves where we made raves, i rap over Jurassic park beat breaks//
Yankee fans hate atlanta braves, i was 12 when i got my first guage//
ankles ache from jumpin' in lakes, saving seeds from drowning//
Out of town jewell droppin' soundman, mailing ham to pilgrims//
Still grim raps pack steel put holes in a mc's naps, and i never sleep//
Only date birds with pretty feet, you want beef give me doe for meat//
Trackmeet runner, asics are the kicks, i go out with this Italian goddess//
Jungle Fever oddness, against the system robber, pay homage bomber//
Secretary of state rappin' martyr, shootin' carch Carter in the 1st quarter//
Need 25 cents the payphones in the back of the gym, scence of suspense//
i bench press 190 pounds and rap the muscle bound sound//

10-11-2006, 04:44 PM
^ aint noone can read MAROON font on a black background dog...

Lil' Ruger
10-12-2006, 02:21 AM
probably not just highlight it.

10-13-2006, 12:12 AM

Genome scientist graphing the world,
While satellites lenses look backwards,
Stamping barcodes tracking consumers we splurge,
Graphed men gaining new world control of this orb,
Life’s like Lego’s they rebuild what they burn,
Our Life’s nothing compared to what they earn,
Unless one day it’s a child of they’re own,
But new world order keeps them out of the urn,

Look listen and learn laws looped lawyers churn,
Complicating cases callous chambers controlled burn,
Creating criminals chopping children like ferns,
Engaging enraged burn electrical energy emissions,
Gentrified generations propagating politicians,
Slimy snakes shifting powering pulsating pistons,
This shifty Samoan strong soaring serving victims,
Vomiting visions venomous scalpel incisions,

Obstacles religion malnutrition of the brain,
Serving their own needs while controlling ya frame,
The Pope, Bush, and Cheney are just links in the chain,
Misdirecting the people keep’em tame with Gods name,
Taking their advice like kneeling on glass and knives,
Subjected to savage lies look deep into their eyes,
Free speech they despise FCC on their side,
FBI rides assassinating peers that mentally climb,
And break those lines of freedom in our mind,
Straight jacket schizophrenic televised mental binds,
Manipulate our visions light division in prisms,
Sending poor to prisons on laws we commission,
Energy and information control the world’s nations,
pivoting movements digitalizing new creations...
Biogenetic evidence,
Scientists splicing pestilence,
Diplomatic irrelevance,
Politicians equal executives,
FDA implants contaminants,
Disguised as supplements,
News reports excrement,
Propaganda establishment,
Pacifying the populous,
With historical documents,
Origins innocuous
Inebriate the audience,
With drugs moral silence,
Sex induced blindness
Glorifying violence,
Fabricated kindness,
Alcohol that binds us,
Commercialized crime,
Idolizing Hollywood,
While teachers left behind,
Subsidized profits,
Devils contort the net,
Computers generated info,
Controls who we Bomb next,

10-13-2006, 12:16 AM

Falling hourglass sands evaporating the time of man,
manipulative demons contort the law for evil plans,
In America were slaves that work hard understand?,
well I'll break it down so you can comprehend....

we pay we pay we pay everyday and what do we got?,
we pay for death to lay in a cemetary plot,
we pay the mortuary service a hefty knot,
we pay to live in everyday life we wrought,
we pay at night out in the hood on the block,
we pay with our life if were knifed or shot,
we pay for medical care or were left to rot,
we pay for clothes and become walking billboard lots,
we pay for cotton picked by our ancestors mocked,
we pay with lost heritage when those DEVILS docked,
we pay physically stuck in poverty outlined in chalk,
we pay dropping our souls in the WAR machine coin slots,
we pay emotionally when our children at WAR get popped,
we pay mentally blocked told it will never STOP",
we pay rent to sleep in an apartment or spot,
we pay taxes on property we already bought,
we pay to power the appliances we got,
we paid for those appliances that cost alot,
we pay for the phone so we could talk,
we pay for water so we could clean and wash-up,
we pay for gas so we stay warm and cook-up,
we pay a portion of our income a Quarter to each buck,
we pay for transportation to get forth and back,
we pay for the oil and gas to travel like that,
we pay for car insurance even if we dont wreck,
we pay for a license & picture I.D. that the police check,
we pay for education and so-called economy inflation,
we pay to keep murderers alive while their victims died,
we pay with our time when were caged by the blind,
we pay for politicians and thats a crime,
cuz they could care less if we live or die,
we pay for all of this while left with nothing to save,
so we could never elevate in a place thats safe,
we work hard all day working in the system of slaves,
with a minimum wage set to keep us near the grave,
now wait!!! you'll say "slaves were never paid",
well..if you noticed we aint either,
if you think you're making money you need to stop inhaling ether,
money changes hands back to Uncle Sam's hand the death dealer,
as were dying slowly from the sickle of the Grimm Reaper,
in a suit and tie disguised as a religious political leader,
controlling through a gentle demeanor and the Laws masterbation,
if you dont believe me go do your own calculations...
They call this the land of the free I call it the slave nation...

I fortify and manage cabbage heads damaged,
with GODS schematics I inject supreme mathematics,
depleted mind states are the savage that expanded,
covering their mental wounds with ignorance as a bandage,
My thoughts run rampant scampering on these savages I manage,
exacting damage scrambling these egg heads their brain cells are famished,
Inciting madness inner demons got'em thinking they're the grandest,
while their problem solving skills move slower than molasses,
I topple any religion dictating to the masses with tacticle smashes,
my mind shines visions brighter than deep space gasses,
my words are blastin spittin mashin tongue causes lashes,
surrounding minds with my positive advancements,
power to the masses dispicable acting drastic,
raise the bar of life cuz they lowering the average.....

10-13-2006, 12:17 AM
In First Person

I was born thru Wars torment and Genocidal storms,
I take from the poor and give to the rich whores,
I force minorities into Projects its a chore,
I smuggle Columbian through borders unchecked I score,
I assign spin doctors to numb down requests galore,
on other shores I use up the natural resources fuck enviromental recourses,
I pass laws to force shit like space developement endorsements,
I roast Pinnochios in the ghetto's with law enforcement,
I'm Ghepetto to you puppets controlling thru emotions,
look what happend to Noriega after I birth his promotion,
He disobeyed me so I removed him like abortion,
3,000 Panamanians were killed in my contorsions,
In 1954 Guatemala I overthrew president Arbenz,
2,000,000 civilians killed as sacraficial lambs,
the first 9-11 in 73 I staged a coup in Chile,
assinated democratically elected Salvador Allende,
I then installed a dictator Augusto Pinochet,
5,000 Chileans were murdered that day,
in 1977 I backed El-Salvador rulers causing a Civil War,
70,000 Salvadorans and 4 nuns were murdered,
I'm never finished my death grip is covered in Irony,
in 1980 I trained Osama and his followers to kill Soviet Armies,
but in 2001 the russian helped me to fight Osama in Foriegn countries,
I trained and funded the Contras killing 30,000 in Nicaragua,
double crossing is my mantra feeding the War Machine Monster,
I even provided Billions in aide for weapons to Saddam,
so he could do my bidding Attack and Invade Iran,
secretly I played both sides giving weapons to Iran,
My calculated strategies give me the upperhand,
7 years later Hussein invades Kuwait with my own weapons,
Ingesting lives into my belly as I reap the Processions,
these lessons are meant to scare you into submission,

Try and stop me and you know your fates endangered,
In my country there at least a million homeless neighbors,
Fuck That I do no one favors!!!,
take a portion of those working papers,
take a cut in Medicare from the low income Laborers,
misrepresent through media mass hysteria,
my state lines will soon be like border areas,
send children to War balancing the economy death I vomit,
keep the masses education as low as I can?? No Comment,
Assisinate Stars and Comets?? No Progress,
never confess to laws I bent!!! Never Honest!!,
My Justice system is used to house Blacks and Migrants,
No use for them if they're not in My Army Fighting,
Biting and Scratching My Armed forces are advancing,
Dictatorship subplanting whats the semantics??,
As I'm dancing control of the world.. War of the World enhacing,
my death grip continues Bashing.. Why do I keep expanding??,
New World Order domination I'm chanting.. the masses are panting,
Equal is a type of sugar supplement.. FUCK ALL OF YOU i'm the Government!!!!!

10-13-2006, 12:27 AM
Arch Angel

Attributes of Strength Knowledge and Agility,
Kamikaze thoughts of resurrecting a Killing Spree,
Malnutrition of the minds sparks me Bitterly,
Acknowledging stupidity with Chapter's of History,
Acquiring a Symphony of Strategic line Delivery,
Shiny and Shimmery Divine thoughts of Misery,

Computer Trick-Knowledgery destroying Human Honesty,
Tick-Tocking Humanity Biological spliced Anatomy
Neurotic Academy Narcotics paving Slave Batteries,
Scattering life sadly Nightmare's become Reality,
Habits of Circumstances a force I call Social Gravity,
Image Factories created for Soul Programmed Savagry,
Gradually Grinding while Graphing Genomes into Tapestry,
Cactus Politician speach sticking the masses Statically,
Statistically mapped economy exercising Poor's Shattering,
Casually Contaminating Cleaning Canvases Chromatically,
Establishing Mass Thinking Erradicating Individuality,
Catastrophies Created keeping the Masses Distracted Cee,
Political Tax Brackets slapping masses Semi-Automatically,
Sematic Scenes Snake Charmers Death is the Sampling...

I'm the Arch Angel slaying devils and their fables,
War is a Demon dish Served cold on the Table,
destruction communicated thru fiber-optic Cables,
Human's treated as if were Livestock in Stables,
Minds sticky syrup Maple thoughts Unavailable,
dream's unattainable our Rights are the Inalienable,
Camera frame's roll capturing vision's Unstable,
My Sumo Style Slaps Sting! Severing Mandible's,
Cracking Chestplates Call us Crazed American Cannibals,

Lil' Ruger
10-13-2006, 01:05 AM
"Through the darkness I creep
Cilmb through the window then peep....etc."

Pimptastic that second story is fanatastic. One of the illest stories I ever read. Love it. Very suspenseful. Through that whole story. The old scary looking man scenerio. Then that last room sh*t was like the cliff hanger, your very own death. Really was on some like gasp for your breathe sh*t. Man reading that sh*t was like one of those halloween exciting, suspenseful horror stories. You took them there, no doubt.


i did a rap called the punishyment chamber w some guy from a differant site and basically it was the odds being turned on me because it says basically that i snuck in to this place to steal and i looked and i found the old man shit and the whole scenario changed. it's like i killed a lot of people and committed sin and i got locked in my own trap. when i wrote that my fingers was just moving it was so long and i couldnt stop typing it was just like w8 theres more. i feel like making some sort of book that has stories told in rhyme form like created into a book. i just now realized what i wrote after skimming it again i didnt even know what i was talking about that was straight from da soul u know. so i might write anudda dope story as a follow up.

Lil' Ruger
10-13-2006, 01:40 AM
Verse 2: Punishment

as I realize the depth of the old mans frustration
I relieve myself of patience
and decide its all bull shit to it I have no relations
when I was snipin Caucasians
and learnin deadly styles from Asians
swords ablazing
the spectacle was amazing
I was hell raising
here you cannot keep a lackadaisical attitude
or you will have your mom in a tragical mood
and I peer left from right
I see devils jeer looking for a fight
and I try to discover where I am by night
I am stricken blind sight
as I find a secret room
all of a sudden I feel safe as if in my mothers womb
it looks familiar THIS was my Tomb!!
I could still smell the deadly fumes
as I start back through the door knowing I had walked into hell
I see poor men tried to hustle hit by shells
I see deadly killers just off probation
and then from the murky waters rises a strange manifestation
I find myself equipped wit a sword
and they start to multiply and come in hordes
big metal like a ford
I screamed for the lord
as I was devoured
but then I decided I wasn’t dieng a coward
he had my leg at him I glowered
he smelled like shit I wondered if he showered
he roared and deadly acid from his maws poured
and as I glided and sword into the air
of my soul I was strip bare
a hollow being with a cold dead stare
in this battle I tended to fair
pretty well except for the fact that it was in hell
it was very strange because I saw many lawyers
rappers drug dealers and reporters
snithes bitches and mercenary employers
pedifials a homo witta tape recorder
I kept my distance
thinking this a thought up existence
but then it happened in an instance

10-13-2006, 02:54 AM
It is the season so grim I think about Slim
He was more than a friend he was burnt in to kin
It wasn't his sin that sent him home
But tooo many drinks from the man in control
Damn meat we was just rappin bout music
Why am I standin in the Temple ready to lose it
We was ballas wit the hoop dream mentality
Silm did not deserve to be another fatality
SHit duk we use to handle the opponent after forties
I rember house parties game'n on shorties
U was crazy dog at 6'3 sneekin in my window
I thank you for makin the journey, than blaze you some Indio'
Shit though, I see you every morning in a frame
I still complain, I'm not mourning but damn I miss you
I feel you constant in the burnt circle on my tissue
We as Cp brothers have lost too much
But I thank you for what you have shared wit us.

Peace Gods see you when the last grain of sand drops
You know how to greet a playa, dinner at the round table,RIGHT!

10-17-2006, 01:30 PM
'war reflections'

Battle ships sail the seven seas, while me and my 7 wives watchover our 7 seeds//
indeed the plight was a struggle, pirates irate about the goods we smuggled//
a brilliant plot i thought while downing scotch, let's find a spot, conquer it without pillage plots//
we can allign tribes, take civilian disguise and start killing these guys we gotta advance in life//
my community disagreed they'd rather sit on their asses, fuck , and smoke weed//
so i grabbed the machine and ordered all soldiers to train and work on their aims//
walked the land buffalo skinned out, praising Allah for bleesing the plains//
these days are strange, peep game, Columbus came to our land he claimed as his own and these devil's have a day to claim his fame//
i went insane threw Shane over the ship proceeded to slap 3 kids for test ya highness//

My own faculty dis-owned me..fuck it, abandoned ship riot//
so here i'am running from loose cannons, and live wires//
My survival's un-likely like a moth daunting back n' forth in fire//
Was it the lust, or dire desires that gave satan hell-hold control of my soul??//
the visionz i'm seeing are they for real, or nightmares must be real my skin can feel the cold from the wind-blow//
got away without a scratch, stomach feeling hunger-pains gotta make a weapon with these tree branches and hunt my prey//
So i do a deer will do cooking the flesh over an open fire, when i hear suspect screams near the river bed i better make moves//
so i run to the nearest cave, confronted by a fear-less babe she's about 5 she hides me away//
i spent 2 days too shook to come out of the cave, but i'm starting 2 dehydrate so i'm on a quest for a lake///
I was so thirsty i just jumped in with-out looking around to see if i'm safe///
Hope this isn't a fatal mistake, i'm so exausted i fell asleep, to be awakened by my kin thankful i'm safe in the company of great friends///

maestro wooz
10-18-2006, 01:18 AM
Roma, Roma, Roma,
Not the beginning of civilzation,
Nor the birthplace of life,
It's smell is not of Earth,
The raw, uncultivated essence of a place touched by the original man,
Rather, it is a city of amazin randeur,
Looming towers of archaic brown sandstone,
Structures who were built so simply they can do nothing but last,
The place where olive skinned men forged democracy out of nothing but past experiments,
From humble colonial beginnings to untouchable Imperical endings,
Rome was the standard,
The civilization by which all others were compared,
It stands as the smoothest marble of all time,
The glittering eminence, the refined intellect,
As well as the petty posturing of politicians,
All, testaments to what is possible
When the good of the country is truly placed above the good of the wealthy,
It's skeletons reach across the land,
From the exotic Spanish coasts,
Down the dry plains of Sicily,
Across Their Sea to the ancient land of Jerusalem
And back around to the majesty of England,
Perhaps Rome's finest student,
Places all touched by the ingenuity and resourcefullness of a people committed to just rule,
The ultimate assimilators
With a taste for the twist,
Roma, still people come to take in it's crumbling ruins,
Defying time, the ultimate test of persaverance,
Roma, such a magnificent legacy,
But what have you left us?

maestro wooz
10-18-2006, 01:19 AM
As the burning globe sinks across the horizon,
I blow it out and reflect on the day,
You could say it was a good one,
If by good you of course meant monotonous and painstaking as always,
The first hours spent drudging amongst the hilltop doldrums,
Fade into the indoor isolation intended to alleviate the irresponsible inconcistencies that plagued the first 19 years,
Usually in sharp contrast to the spirited and cloud floating evenings,
Did well on a spanish quiz,
But alas, the streak continues and no friendships made,
Flashed the pearly whites at a girl,
But my shaking hands and steadily plummetin assuredness stopped me from talking,
There's always more fish in the sea right?,
Eventually I'll have to stop dropping the rod,
You know, sometimes it hurts,
This thought of perpetually jogging in place,
I can't even tell if it's me or the ground below me that's going backwards,
Maybe every fresh revelation is just one more step towards insanity,
Feeling like I'm stuck in a deep and dark cave with no torch,
Down here every light sparkles and shines magnificently,
But they only serve to obscure the twists most of the time,
Like Pac, they got me trapped,
Armed with only a black lighter, a twenty sack, and a cell phone that stopped making outgoing calls years ago,
And none of them are a map,
And I'm not really sure they're even helping,
They're certainly not making any sense,
So is life,
There's a clanging, but suprisingly sweet, noise up ahead,
Might as well head for it, there's no going back now,
No more lost then yesterday,
I guess maybe it was a good day.

maestro wooz
10-18-2006, 01:21 AM
Ricard strode into the massive chamber, eerily reminiscent of the last ones,
Somehow it lacked the flair and originality of its predecessors though.
Its path to the throne was more windy and much more formidable as well.

He took a step and began to walk forward.
As he did, his feet clinked against the ground with the steady rhythm of a grandfather clock,
But, one whose batteries were running out and the beating slowing down.

He tugged at the collar of his suit, the chafing was becoming unbearable.
Looking down, he glimpsed his own reflection,
His tall, dark, and unkempt hair standing in obvious contrast to his orange garments and blonde cufflinks.

The light changed, and his visage disappeared,
Replaced by the dark-blue pentagon shaped carpet that sprawled across the floor,
Obscuring the filth encrusted base.

He stopped and turned his eyes skyward, trying to discern the cause for the change in illumination.
Up there, all he could make out were a bakers dozen of red Victorian Era candle-lit chandeliers,
Hung from the sky by interwoven steel links crowned with thorns.

Turning to his right, he peered into the dark but not too far off distance, attempting to find the boundaries of this place.
His search was obscured by a glowing white haze that managed to diminish the darkness but gave off no light of its own.
If he looked hard enough, he could make out a wall with the words In Hoc Signo Vinces indignantly burning behind all the haze.

Retching his eyes forward, Ricard took in a deep breath and shuffled his feet before taking one slow step forward,
After several more cautious steps, he proceeded onward into the ominous unknown.
The beating resumed its rhythm once more.

Outside, his pale horse neighed incessantly, burdened by its rider’s methodical pace.

maestro wooz
10-18-2006, 01:22 AM
The best place to hide things is in plain sight,
Out in the open, clear if your brains right.
Paint a picture and the frames a problem,
One misplaced word and they start mobbing em.
Speak complete sentences, change minds with text,
Some only hear pronouns, missing subjects.
The ripest verbs plucked, all optimally,
Dictionary browsed like word shopping spree.
Transcribe thoughts through a pen flowing black blood,
Message burning like a bush from above.
Rhymes a tool, lines formed with the deftest ease.
Language calm yet piercing, like a fall breeze.
Make moves with a Borgia like acumen.
Real, not fake imagery to persuade them.
Maybe some things are better left unsaid,
And the grazing sheep just want to be led.

Battle 1
10-23-2006, 07:58 PM
Some deep poetry with added philosophy as well, in my first verse or paragraph:

As though things remain the same
But in reality all things must change
Life to some a mystery looking strange
Mainly for gains living with pains that's vain
Mascarade like some rich dudes in clothes looking plain
Insane thoughts leave some in the rain
Make sure you drive your car staying in lane
Look through-out the glass inside your window-pane
Got some lady tiger in the passenger seat hard to tame
Driving by some lame who at me tried to point the blame
Expired like his license plate he had no claim
Check it out like a picture he got put into a frame


Second verse or paragraph is something that all great poets in history share alike or have in common. A girl who they loved her beauty so much it inspired them to write about her.

Into another realm, spit out like flem
This girl was trim and slim with reflections like on a rim
Made others seem dim
Not shy or timid competetion was frigid
Small like midgets or low digits
They ask who is it, words frozen in a blizzard
Catching flies like a lizzard using magic I'm a wizzard
What is it
Bliss with every kiss soft spoken was this miss
Pouring some henny or chriss avoiding the snakes who hiss
In the bathroom cleaning after a piss
This chick I could never miss all others got diss
My tempetation to not resist and only her to assist was by far a risk
On my part I felt her heart but knew I had to part
That shit still haunts me like a shark my love left in the dark
Like where the fuck did I park ?!
Oh yeah, X marks the spot, On my block with my door left on lock
Will there ever be another that could mock what that chick brought
If not than I might get love shot
My story has to end in glory is there some sorta plot
Flowers blooming inside a pot
Whatever I sought were all things for her I bought
In a spiders web maybe I was caught
She could be a black widow I repeat like ditto
Best watch my heart for she get to steppin' with her stilletto
But to this day I swear for some reason I could never let go
Never in my life so hard I fell might as well be in hell
Did she use a spell ?
Still maybe in time she'll be mine you never can tell


Battle 1
10-27-2006, 12:01 AM
I don't know if this next piece here would qualify as poetry. But I love it anyways.

It's amazing how some swear they blazing, hell raising
But nobody is they fazing
Where was they raised in ?
I rise from deep waters like a shark fin
Then they start to wish they never sin
Strike em' like a bowling pin
The line between love and hate is thin
Unlike the huge amounts of space between me and them when I win
Like Mike Tyson bruise they chin
Or even snipe they kin when I brake they shin
As soon as the bell ring, I go off like a ford explorer inside what they sing
Swiftly moving more forwarder
They can't escape my aura something like the arc of Noah
And what is a Torah


10-31-2006, 06:28 AM
Probably you need to change the title, and remove the "wu-corp compilation project-submit your finest darts"...

Iam not sure about the others but for one, i can not say i have the finest. But rather some verses are more appreciated by society, whilst others are not!

But just for the sake of it, i'll post some old verses that where on the corp in 2004 before any of the website crashes, which lost most data during those warring times...


Lil' Ruger
10-31-2006, 07:17 AM
oooooooooooooooo i'm ready for a good read.

10-31-2006, 10:58 AM
This Project is due on monday, so I'm making a deadline for submitting works on Thursday, so I have time to get the materials to put the books together.

If you haven't submitted anything yet, and you want to, please do so now.

Anyone that wants to put any additinal information about themselves, send me the details in a private message.

11-01-2006, 02:43 AM

Im at the safe house
Ready to order take out
to see how I made out
I grab my cash and break out
So I'm Countin dough
chillin with a bout it ho
And some other nigga
he aint about it though
The blocks is crowded yo
I'm out Scramblin all day
Doubt Gamblin par lays
In other niggaz spots
splitting profs four ways
I get a call on the cell phone
Some girls want a L loaned
I said in a swelled tone
Credit aint poppin
so is you dropping
they aint copping if its dirt
Its the end of my stash
I needed work And cash
so I proceeded to match and flash
Several Deals its
to make this cheddar real Quick
she started talkin real slick I said
Do you know who you dealin with
This is Tek and I'll peel a bitch
for actin like she real and shit
Than I heard the reciever click
Oooo that got me pissed
I started dialing quick
It was john on the kick
She was a friend of his
Tell her she made a nemesis
This aint the end of this
Ima rob her and her sis
Now I'm feeling venomous
So I put down the genesis
And started bendin shit
Tell Jo I'll send him nicks
If he can lend a lift
So I can dismember chicks
Make them remember quick
Who the Fuck they dealing with
Its me Tek from UC
I do shit you see in movies
And I'll never Lose G's
Rep Points Juice Squeeze
Whatever the slang be
The point is I hang T
Or Tuff so I grab my stuff
Don't need a nine tucked
To rob this stupid slut
So I waited and anticipated
my most hated to stage it
sedated my inner rages
Felt like I waited for ages
Two girls a dude came through
The bitch walked with attitude
But he aint a bout it dude
than I expressed my gratitude
I said "your name helen"
She aint know I was the felon
The nukk that be sellin
That stuff that be smellin
she replied yes I confessed
That my name was Tek
And ran down her neck
I started to inspect
Her sister had a cellular
So I started Tellin her
To hand it over fast
before I tow her ass
My ride or die bitch snapped
snatched That shit out of her grasp
I Said Run your pockets
She was mad shocked kid
And wouldn't even budge
So my bitch gave her a shove
Smushed her gave her a nudge
People get braver with love SO
Her sister cocked and hit her
My bitch stopped and hit her
Than bam started to brawl
Her mans was kinda tall
Fuck it The bigger they are
The harder they fall
bitches clutchin hair up
I said fuck it square up
he put a reluctant pair up
Fair nuff he scared stuck
When I started to fill charge
I may be skinny but im still large
I rushed him on some ill barge
Gotin his face like a drill sarge
Laced kid up with a hard 2 piece
Face hit up he was just too week
Racin blood you thought you knew me
Case of bud now you acting goofy
Like your girl wanted to pop shit
Till I drop kicked her spot quick
Reportin to cops slick stop snitch
Cock fifths You shouldve been shot bitch
But you Richies sister and I got rich
I can break in houses like a lock smith
Put the pillow over your face spaced
Billow of a lead case make its place
Inside your Skull so hide the bull
Drop you like a metal slide with pull
My rebels ride in hulls like pirate gulls
Blades dry and dull You will die in full
So Don't ever raise your voices to me
Unless your favorite choice is to flee
Peace be to who been boys since my knees
I Got a voice when I free the voice in me

It's All Buisness

gonna be the end of me I'm runnin industries
Technically not legally its easy see I feed the trees
Pop Rox big enough to stop shots
Was just found in your sox
Yea, plus rounds in the glock
That supossedly kill cops they wanna put me on lock
So what the fuck is your plans
I know you aint playin that hand Sayin ma mans in the bubble van
With a hundred an couple grand That'll beat that trouble man
I want the double grand Just so that you understand
Or I play my other hand
Prolly a 38 that'll make your brain escape
Body parts found in crates in 8 different states
That aint soundin great so decide your fate
Don't make the same mistake as the last snake
My whole crew blast great you won't last 8
Minutes so is you in it or is you finished
This is a buisness that I run with fitness
I collect the interest and invest in the best
Ces proceed to impress the rest without contest
I Stomp chests like a convict in a calm stretch
I'll fuckin bomb flex smoking in the complex
It's me the don tek you on test
So be easy on the context or you can be gone next
The streets is temptin me I try wrenchin free
eventually I'll live life in a penetentiary
for 25 to a century

11-01-2006, 10:47 AM
short, but sweet, well to me atleast....


I was climbing in the night looking for you

I looked down at the world and saw,

Six billion stories being told at the same time

Let me climb higher

I was climbing in the night looking for you

I looked up at the sky and saw,

The stars in all their heavenly glory

Let me climb higher

I was climbing in the night looking for you

I looked to the left and saw,

Midnight in a perfect world

Let me climb back down

I was climbing in the night looking for you

When I reached the ground, I found you

You were standing right in front of me

And then I climbed with you

11-01-2006, 07:46 PM
Bear Trap

Pugnaciously (spell check*) seated before the brawl that took horrific shape
the boy whos shape is brawling with pugnacious (*) horror

where else is there to rest?

the room smellt of fresh disguist and jest

the howling ruby/saphire lights set the tone

the below belt guillotine had fullfilled its duties (*)

as the brawl for the proper chariot to escort the boy to the medics discontinued, the boy wept internally

as the paw was released from the bear trap, the boy realized,

he'd wear sweat pants from now on.

maestro wooz
11-02-2006, 04:22 PM
You Can't Stop

I know the truth, and it aches like a tooth,
The sad scene I see in the booth,
Fake stories that take glories from rhymes poured outta baked fourties,
Hey shorty, you know where you came from?
Don’t believe what they say about the Son,
Not going down that path again,
Sometimes life’s dirty, give it a bath my friend,
Pour out a brew to get gore off of you,
The revolution is never through,
It just took the cue to fall back while their jaws flap about the ball sack out in the blue,
Someone send in the hounds,
Cause the sounds I hear should only be met with frowns,
Instead, sold shoulders are leanin and gold boulders are gleamin,
Our problems just get worse and there’s no solace in a verse,
Putting the kids in a hearse and giving putrid reason for the future heathen who’ll be even worse,
What they lack is a purpose to deserve all this,
Swarm of accolades, Sponsors of Gatorades,
A whole genre of sellouts they need to get the hell out,
You could be at the top of sales and still sound frail over rails,
John Hollinger judgments, homo thugs they’re all each others husbands,
Lines are weak, and the times are bleak for the rhymes they speak,
Bout to be a movement,
Clout is improving to be soothing for the next set of human,
Currently we losing currency while they’re basically fakely grooving,
And C still R-E-A Me, It’ll never stop,
The problem’s forever at the top,
And a message isn’t profound if it never makes a sound.

…And you don’t stop

if you use any of mine just say im a 19 year old sophmore at the university of maryland baltimore county

11-02-2006, 04:41 PM
We all struggle for self wealth, knowledge & spirituality,
… some gradually realize its all a formality,
working for nothing while nothings ever happening,
our bank accounts are tapped-in lights on roaches scrambling,
low income kitchens Top Ramen was popping back-then,
throw an egg-in and hot sauce & I'm-in!!
while we spin the wheels of fortune,
drug wars leave behind Orphans,
the World power is disproportioned,
“they” send in the armed forces,
only to light the devil’s torches,
the spoils of war finance new global courses,
soldiers of sin’s conflicted with-in still enforce it,
bets placed life gambled the chips are all-in!!,
obeying and conforming to a system of dorsal fins,
in a ocean of fake white sharks,
traces of blood is recognized and bitten apart,
by teeth of political larks,
with cirrhosis of the liver and a bad heart,
life expanded cheating death with Medical Lab parts,
pace maker ticker Old Bastard Slave Masters,
Bavarian Blue-Blood 13 colony crafters,
sadist sodomy sackers they need a lobotomy...
Yo! Life is Dangerous so hand me a protractor,
I’ll design their demise like a General Contractor,
they don’t fool me they distract with terrorist disasters,
a puppet pulled faster creating mental cancer,
when the Crank Yanker’s call don’t Fucken answer,
deep sea thinkers barges and tankers oil rig big bankers,
collateral damage expendable lives extinguished and televised,
“they” plot scheme and lie to obtain laws it’s a no brainer!!
Alcohol was legalized to inebriate your neighbor,
alleviate you from your savior,
time official what’s the issue?? Tears collected in tissue,
the patriot act and patriot missile’s take away lives like pistols!,
burning fat and gristle Freedom is a lie,
The Statue of Liberty a Freemason design,
modeled after the Devil’s Bride,
symbolizes the elite control over the Dumb, Deaf, and Blind,
these play makers confine while the clock managers lose time…
my sinister skilled stratagem scatters silent saddend men,
my merciless blows are jaw shattering,
the piles of defeated demented grow,
with the basis of these basic brains faces kneaded like bread dough,
good night heads still sleeping on soft pillows Go to bed… Whoa!!!

11-02-2006, 04:49 PM
Puppets - BigBen

ringing the bell.. the dull drum's of life repeat,
hitting in sync... rhythms killing the sheep,
as they... rest... work... and sleep,
consume replaces think... seduced by subliminal blinks,
as puppeteers wink... manipulating the strings.. for menacing diabolical means...

abstracting dreams transform into... shrills... whelps... and screams...of reality scenes,
formality is cream...a casual steam seems to rise...
council of foreign relation advised... incendiary eye's... squinting with lie's,
striking sickles...corrupting minds... intelligence pickled... holding chrome nickels,
Deaths' design to cause ripples...the herders tickle with financial games,
distracting thru blackened glass panes... while masking shame...they're exacting Pain torching flames...

ringing the bell.. the dull drum's of life repeat,
hitting in sync... rhythms killing the sheep,
as we... rest... work... and sleep,
consume replaces think... seducing with subliminal blinks,
as puppeteers wink... manipulating the strings we sink.. subversive scene’s submerge suicidal defeat..

while extracting wealth... churning in society's Ocean... poor people floating Kelp,
Trust no one!!, screaming Help!!... dusty bodies shelved... like stocked items in Aisles...Hope expired Sour Milk... their wicked laws welt,
Demonic Beasts' Paws felt... as our poker hand's dealt... they mark the cards in stealth,
what supplements are for our heath?? Water treatment Fluorides... Additives... Insecticides...,
chemicals to sterilize??.. High Fructose Syrups derived.. from corn crops subsidized,
added to foods open your eyes!!.. processing cancerous products they disguised...

ringing the bell.. the dull drum's of life repeat,
hitting in sync... rhythms killing the sheep,
as you... rest... work... and sleep,
consume replaces think... as televisions subliminally blink,
erasing what you think... manipulative media dreams.. maniacal Mason’s mastering menacing means..

emotions digitalized... with high resolution crimes... watched by our children's eyes, beamed down by satellite eyes religion ritualized... to mesmerize... as Wars' epitomized... the Defense Budgets on the rise,
Stray votes anesthetized... Our enemies are energized... from our muttered Caged Cries!!
chemicals are blown into the skies... as the life expectancy rate declines,
American brains hollowed out like Mines... from Televised Lies and Reading the Times,
Subtly littering our insides... digesting chemicals from chemist designs... We Dine then We Die...

Capitalism a Viral Strain - BigBen

Lumbering thru the woods of today.. social circumstances chopping away.. emitting a smog and a haze,
The Shepard’s laws contain.. herding the sheep asleep.. yet awake in a daze,
Radio signals submerse frequencies of pain.. designed, marketed and aimed,
at desensitizing nations strategically softening society’s frame,
molding young brains.. applying pressure like modeling clay,
violent visions subconsciously lay.. gaining control to mentally train,
Psychological plays.. colorful graphs and backgrounds displayed.. with opinions that sway,
power sanding the brain.. grinding it down to the size of a grain,
living in this boundless cage.. with a wireless range.. televised suggestions conform we obey,
inhaling cancer causing chemical pain.. while killing the cells in our brain,
as we digest and graze.. on what’s made accessible in the hood where we stay,
those poisonous fast food chains.. continue to reign.. serving saturated flames,
we act like dragons in the Dragon’s Lair game.. as they play Dirk and have us slayed,
while housed tightly together like ice cubes in trays,
regardless we maintain.. act jovial and play.. outside on the sunniest days,
and have the sense to drink in the shade.. surrounded by drugs and guns daily were slain,
amongst the urban decay.. we manage to stay away.. from the Predators that Prey,
with tainted lessons for mindless slaves.. tragedy’s combine producing stones engraved,
Its hard to find ya way.. and stay on the path of the road you pave,
Some give in mental mazes a blaze.. grinding for days.. while others commit crimes of rage,
Going against the grain.. willing to Kill and Maim.. in order to obtain.. the Geese’s Golden Egg,
From the evil Goose that lays.. stained souls brew in the Booze of the slain,
Consuming fumes of pain.. capitalism a viral strain..
infecting our veins.. as we Buy Sell and Trade..
So What'cha have to say??.. or will you just sit and complain??...with mental bloodstains...

maestro wooz
11-02-2006, 04:50 PM
here's some unfinished shit ive never put up, some of it has potential and you can use it if you want

How can i convey in words,
The feelings I have, there's no verbs,
That express what I want to do,
If you gave me a bullhorn I'd say a thing or two,
No disrespect to anyone, you feel how you feel,
I feel how I feel and that's what makes life real,
Consider me arrogant, snobby, rude,
Whatever you say, just know I'm going for my food,
The table's right there, I wanna reach it,
But first you must see the wall and breach it,
Take from the bowl then teach it,
They feed the kids trash in music,
Morality's an evergoing war, can't lose it,
Young girls told to shake it like a saltshaker,
But there's nothing talking about how to make her,
Into a woman, get a job and raise children,
How come junk always gets the top billing?
The news feeds us lies,
Propagation ministry just in disguise,
And time and time again, we do it for the guy in the skies,
What's more important, the cross that you bear?
Or the principles to which you adhere?


They wonder, if a tree falls does it make a sound?
I wanna know, if a message isn't heard is it still profound?
Does the condemnation come for the intent or for the delivery?
Should one preach with a fury or teach in no type of hurry?
Will the spoken word fall on deaf ears?
Will your friends just nod and use fake facades for years?
Are they in it for the long run?
Who'll take you in after the first shun?
Everybody's got dreams, who's got the means?
Everyone wants the greens, who'll make the cut for final teams?
When it's time to be judged, are you gonna finally turn above?
Hands crossed, whispering "God, you know I always had love?"
Is this it? I thought life was supposed to be magnificent?
Now we're here and wondering, why we gotta pay life rent?
If existence is free, will they miss this G?
Anyone gonna understand why I walk with misery and glee?


I used to cop alot, shit I still cop alot,
Never stopped when pop said "The habit you gotta drop,
It's not proper, you wanna be flipping a whopper?,
I paid alot of green for your future,
Not for you to be hitting green and studying karma sutra",
But I said my piece and never folded like a crease,
Sometimes I wish I was a beast,
I got these thoughts and I can't sleep,
Alone in my room, but not a creep,
Alone in my head, I made the leap,
I try to do it with respect,
It's what I would expect,
Set aside for the guy with a nice ride,
Never let myself focus on wealth,
Sometimes it's the brokest booked with more knowledge then any shelf,
No one's perfect,
It's the deception in our reflection that justifies conception,
We cover our holes with bowls or a Rolls,
Awkward laughter that comes after,
We post a picture of time online that purposely hides a facial line,
It's not the insecurities but the purities,
That come after we be all we can be and see the truth in trees,

11-02-2006, 05:02 PM
Keep Submitting!

Todays that last day for submissions. Tell a friend.

Also if you want a page about yourself send me the info...something like


It doesn't have to be long.

maestro wooz
11-02-2006, 07:57 PM
Run Off

Start it with a Funky Technician and a Runaway Slave branching into
Stunts, Blunts, and Hip Hop to see some Goodfellas and the
Return of The Funky Technician talking about the
Lifestylez ov da Poor and Dangerous that are showing off a
Word…Life to make you slip into a Heavy Mental during Black August wondering if the
View From Masada is a Great Migration just to show The Realness of
Quiet Weapons for Silent Wars during the War Report from an
Intelligent Hoodlum repping for Don Cartagena who’s Revolutionary But Gangster at
3 Feet High and Rising for the Heist of the Century that’s Strictly Business for a
Black Star running around Criminal Minded claiming “One Day It’ll All Make Sense” so
Long Live the Kane for the Infinite times he gave out Capital Punishment to
Rip the Jacker that happens to be Violent by Design but still blessed with
Visions of Ghandi as The Sun Rises in the East fearing the Wrath of the Math but if you Step Into the Arena for your Moment of Truth while we go out on the
Daily Operation part of the Cold Vein to see the Operation: Doomsday with a man of
Madvilliany screaming “Take Me to Your Leader” cause some shit happens to be
Forever and you only Enter the 36 Chambers with an Ironman who’s got seriously
Supreme Clientele and Bulletproof Wallets for that Tical given
No Said Date but just happened to be Made in Brooklyn at the same time as
The Lex Diamond Story tried to pull a Return to the 36 Chambers armed with a pair of
Liquid Swords, Words From the Genius, and expecting the Birth of a Prince to follow
The W like a Legend of the Liquid Sword and count to 4,5,6 because
The Return of the Boom Bap will Enta Da Stage with a
Nocturnal Mecca and The Soul Brother after Dah Shinin but not before
The Infamous enter Juvenile Hell if Mr. Hood is Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and
Black Bastards scream “Mm Food” beyond a Reasonable Doubt trying to get
Paid in Full with a Soul on Ice checking out the Low End Theory stuck in
Muddy Waterz and wondering “Whut? Thee” on a Long Hot Summer with many
Disposable Arts but still Sitting on Chrome in the SlaughtaHouse while the
Vaudeville Villain raises an Iron Flag on a Black Sunday in the Temple of Boom
As Bobby Digital in Stereo prays “I Wish My Brother George Was Here” to get some
Soul Food described as Illmatic at 6 Feet Deep for a Venomous Villain climbing up
Monkey Barz like some Atliens smelling crazy Stankonia while a Hell on Earth scribbles
“Do or Die?” on The Blueprint just like The Ruler’s Back to grow an
American Hunger from the Scars and Memories taken from
The Downfall of Ibyliss that spent 40 Dayz and 40 Nightz of the Chronic kicking it off
Doggystyle while It Takes a Nations of Millions to Hold Us Back so get
The Big Picture that Life After Death is just a Seven Day Theory To The 5 Boroughs of
Paul’s Boutique because The Listening of the Minstrel Show displays a
S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M of Mr. Excitement cracking up those with Third Eye Vision walking
Straight Outta Compton for a Lethal Injection to make Music to Driveby while
The Tipping Point of the M-Pire Strikez Back making the Last Stand of the
Stillmatic House of Pain for God’s Son moving with a Magnum Force to the
Detroit Deli for the Midnight Marauders Walking With a Panther telling me
Mama Said Knock You Out just like the Fear of a Black Planet shouting
“Do You Want More?” to make them Bacdafucup cause All We Got Iz us but not
Down by Law to enter the Thug Matrix of a Future Without a Past
Ready to Die When Disaster Strikes.


The car lays alone noww in the open paving,
Save for the medical personnel and the flaring police,
A most gruesome accident, the driver never saw it coming,
The other drivers did though, as he swerved from lane to lane,
Signals clicking and horn tooting, he made some noise on the road,
The truck was in his left blindspot for a long time,
He had forgotten it was there, so close yet impossible to see at that distance,
The two plodded along together, so much for the fastlane,
Until one made a move and tried to get ahead,
Though about the right, but ultimately went left,
And that made all the difference

11-02-2006, 10:15 PM
a poetry peice

I don't-know, it sho-blows the way poor life-is
Spine, no-bones, plus i gota pay for five-kids
My shit aint that bad, but im spose to act-sad, right?
With these crap-fads, and ass-hats who lack-mad spice
It aint true, these aint rules man, unless we rollin with cups
We sho-snoozed, but those fools, just get scolded n fucked
Growin is tough, wit no-roots, that why they skulls-loose
Mo-proof, the cold-truth got em all in a rope-nuse
Choke spoofs, Flow proves, dum dums stick guns up they rear
Bump bump, the slums spun, Fucks who sung nuff they queer

11-02-2006, 10:17 PM
on a more serious note

Thick skull, I blitz souls with one swipe of the pen
Prints mold, Hits form, left kids with a knife in the skin
life of the men, who actually fallen deep in lagoons
dreamin these tunes, youngins left seepin with wounds
My flow breaks the cliche, and strikes fear in the omen
I got a taste for replays, lets get that clear in the open
Monsters get fierce, as the swells of black water emerge
Wrath of a wandering curse, in a flash, throngs get diverse

11-02-2006, 11:21 PM
v ya poet name should be wacktrucio,lol stop with the poetry dog,u can even rhyme basic.....sorry but i juss think ure a fucken weak poser

Lil' Ruger
11-02-2006, 11:23 PM
lmfao it was funny cuz he said it nice lolz.

11-03-2006, 10:27 PM
watup Soldier.. ay iuno when ya survey or wateva ends or wat ya main criteria is, i know u said stories-poems n shit, so i decided to re-post a triple i threw together. since they're seperate verses

aight ckuz.. late or not here it is


The spinal line revival, the redesigned vitals/
helps keystyle disciples, write the cycles.
Strike like daylight, stagefright/
say my name right, its Earnest Wainwright, holdin the game tight.
Grindin rhymez grimy, climbin the heights til i die b/
spyed by shadows who step lightly.
Silent type sheisty, quiet~like, spicy niggas/
ironin' mics the night before christmas.
Its wublood that floods internal/
burns the journals of wu-corp fam blazin infernal.
Thermal heat seekn' xtreme supreme verbals/
outlays the post for emcees inside the circle.
Of Tek Stylez respected wreckhouse, of text mechanics/
snatched from the land and left a barron planet.
Standin alone, well known 2split the wig off ya dome/
witty unpredictable niggas, rippin the chrome...


From morning to night, moon to sunlight we rhymin'/
tight beats keep the exact precise timin.
Allstars, planets n' galaxies were in alignment/
New Yorks metropolitan was all inside the diamond.
The startegy was simple, but somehow it riddled/
thick muthafuccin dim resistant individuals/
Crippled wit' fear, filled wit' tears, it was mayhem/
young punk spittaz were tryna act like made-men.
Claiming they reign, shame on a nigga running game/
dont step outa line kid stay in ya lane.
Cos' its 1 way, 1 day you'll hunt prey yourself/
today muthafucca its yo turn to get dealt with..


The tempo was adjusted to preference/
everythin slowed down before i got to finish the sentence.
Industry execs was threatnin' disconnection/
censorin the text wit paragraph interceptions.
Mysterious affiliate contacts got nervous/
murderous servants knew the worth of the purchase.
Heard my emergence was pefect for the timin'/
label slay merchant, still hurtin wit killa rhymin.
Fine-wine style, type-wild designed nigga/
nine-mill lines fills minds ya spine shivers.
Ya life whispers away like cool breeze/
nah god tools freeze, nothin but jah love for hooliez.
Truth be, im doin it crude, fuck A n' R/
dont need muthafuccin snakes playin my cards.
I grace the stage solo, makin my promo/
ragin wit the chrome in the hand, take my photo.
Hold it to the CEO, show im imposin/
blow crowds apart wit the verbal explosion.

chorus: "Rhymin' wit' the silent invisible syllables"/
"Ride wit' the pistol whips and the crystals".
"Vital life signs of the highly critical"/
"Redesigned the vinyl, and re-typed the bible.. its wild son"


The Nameless & Unnamable
11-03-2006, 10:29 PM
Anonimity spit perspective of my apostles...
Tracking the marks left by writers, you wave at fossils...
The cracks & the dregs are used for your materials...
I sent you... 9,000 mile boats aswim... and your Sitting Bulls...

11-03-2006, 10:47 PM
v ya poet name should be wacktrucio,lol stop with the poetry dog,u can even rhyme basic.....sorry but i juss think ure a fucken weak poser

diddo u hash eatin cock squeezer!

11-03-2006, 10:53 PM
thought i'd postup again,
since i found some of my old scripts from other threads.
These 2 consist mainly of religious content..
..i'll probably repost it again im my own thread haha, no doubt.


The Amish were harmless, learnt from Dalai Lama's/
Jah blessed the resident incoherant Rastas.
Nazis turned political to help join the Marxists/
fathers stopped the prayers when they met Mohammed.
The vomit coughed from Protestant movements/
alterboys knew the true promises kept to Judas.
Hindus had reviewed the improved karma sutras/
smooth moves were supervised by holy Buddhas.
Tao troops recruited the faithful, yet unstable/
hooligan mongolian niggas who touched fatal.
Deathstrikes the science of poltergiest frighteners/
seventh day adventists had a week to recite this.
Syphon try decypha these devinal line bibles/
the origin of text was projected as primal.
Analyse the paralysed rivals fast demisal/
made 'em confess under pressure without denial.
Conivin' Atheists, hated the pure thought/
Pagans stated blantantly the nature of talks.
While Christians had listened, Sikhs had diff'rent missions/
Gurus startin suing Jew niggas for millions.
Children lost the spirit, spitt'n shit like they lived it/
twisted kids f'got that Jehovah was witness.


Guidelines for the tablets, had niggas askin'/
who transcripted the ten Holy commandments.
Damaged at the gatherin', wit infidels laughin'/
Moses tried to keep Josh from losing his passion.
Flash gold was rampant, hoes lookin for action/
camps of bandits held lands for the Philistines..
..give to Isralites say the bible/
jews is like the biggest muthafuccin tribe in denial.
Fly black Jesus had Ceasar fire the Pilot/
judas knew the truth but the bitch couldnt hide it.
Elias spoke to Joseph with hope for redemption/
emporers sent men to hunt down the peasant.
Rivals spiralled outa control, sold they souls/
started praying as the plasticine mould ripped holes.
Thru god soldiers holdin the TNT and C4/
Torah thieves see wat they worn core beliefs caused.
Im short tempered, and tempted by many serpents/
ventin my 2cent, if anythings worth shit.
Thirsty cursed urges for wild sex n' violence/
chariots on 24's etched in blood diamonds.

Its time we bonded as one, we dont need to fight each other..
the health of ol' earth is at question, not gold, oil or what ever.
The sooner mankind amalgamates, the richer we'll all be.


11-04-2006, 02:31 AM
oh heres another i threw together aswel, damn i'll ease up after this 1 aight.. they're reposts as some may notice.

This compilation relates to criminolgy type raps.


The mobs were in the lobby robbin' hotel patrons/
closed circuit had the disturbance under surveillance.
Cases tailor-made for special federal agents/
blamin' tryna frame me for the said violation.
Waited out the bac, wit' the black mask and hi-tekz/
bugged corrupt cops rockin' nickel n' dime threats.
New Yorks finest knew that sirens was worthless/
knew we'd fuckin run just as soon as we heard shit.
Birds flew the circuit, worms beneath the surface/
learnt the inadvertant word for word occurence.
Who bursted in wit' the furnace, involved the murders/
told the fuckin' lawyers my damn life story..
..the glory of God made me nervous/
religious verses spoke of punishing verdicts.
Your honor was shellshocked his jaw dropped a foot/
at how i took heads off with syllable hooks.
The infamous crooks had books from varied heists/
furs n leather purses and infinite ice.
Reminders of a life divided/
saw the whites of a dead mans eyes and i liked it..


Rap masked bandits were branded, grand masters/
techniques eternal, wit infinite stances.
Classes of advanced, elemental gases/
separates the vets from the amateur rankers.
Saddened by the management outcome/
had ya best kicks on but u stil got outrun.
Stylez is wild violent, filed under psycho/
tied up and gagged inside the mind silo.
Third eyes sight the micro, type devices/
asstight pirates, tryna multiply the virus.
Manchild spiders is evil, fuckin weasels/
deceased week-old meat pierced wit needles.
Bleed my three students, shot pupils is legal/
Dilated peoples in the harvestin fields.
Discreet niggas who fleed the streets quicker than silver/
sifted thru the corperate filter.
Drilled by the 9 mill gorilla, flesh litters the floor/
head disconnected from the lower set jaw..


It was 4 in the mornin when they stormed the doorway/
cornflakes hit the floor in the warranted dawnraid.
Guns drawn, the emblems was worn, fuc the foreplay/
caught with a quater k, awaitin the court date.
Stored weights was saut??d, evry day all day/
bricks laid the pavement, so corps couldnt walk straight.
Forces tore the floorspace, n swore to my face/
strawberry shortcake rookies co-ordinated..
..The shakedown, to take apes proudly crowned flowers/
pounds and smokeclouds was heavy inside the houses.
Browsers found me out from arrivals/
eyes saw that prizes were the delicate vitals.
Dialled the survival line, swines got spiteful/
tryna find the wires they laced amongst my vinyls.
Spies tried hidin' in the spiral of the tribal/
buyin time slowly til the verdict was final.
Fried by viral filled vials, i got faith son/
plans of ecsape n' makin my next freight run.

man no disrespect to authorities, but yo,
when its me on trial nigga fuc dat.. im goin all out son

11-04-2006, 07:40 PM
Thanks for everyone, that submitted work.

I'm going to start putting the book together now, and I'll post pictures of it when i'm done.

11-07-2006, 06:08 PM
Mods can you leave this stickied for about at least two weeks? This will give time for the people that read the book to come and comment, if they decide to join wu-corp. It will also make it easy, if new members come for that reason, to find the thread.

11-09-2006, 08:00 AM
here is one of my finest verses, peace

spit flames, burn bodies, creamated into dust
when my rhymes combust they hit harder then uppercuts
and just when u adjust, the torture continues
fill you with disease that leaves you frozen like an igloo
what to do?, you cant protest the slugfest
bodies lay unclaimed, mass graves filled with names anonymous
its nothing humorus, the casualties are numerous
our lives are in danger before we even leave the uterus
its nothing new to us, same shit different day
when things escalade, all my thoughts are in disarray
disobey the lord and you'll get a scorning
in ways of earthquakes, tsunamies, and hurricane warnings
will you ever live to see another morning, close your eyes
do you get to open them or will you feel demise
no compromise, im never selling my soul
ancient skrolls retold in testaments, new and old
behold, the future told, as i read your palm
i stay calm while i read versus out of psalms
when im gone, my body will be embalmed like king tut
closed the tomb, leave the room, doors swing shut

maestro wooz
11-09-2006, 02:54 PM
haha@people still submitting

11-11-2006, 10:14 PM
Keep Submitting!

Todays that last day for submissions. Tell a friend.

Also if you want a page about yourself send me the info...something like


It doesn't have to be long.

San Francisco "Mission District"
Samoan Philipino Native American Mexican

Oldest of 3, A Sister 31 and Brother 18 Grew up in the inner city moved many times as a child growing up, started working at age 14, parents began a dark journey into drugs during my teenage years and beyond. graduated 92 moved to West Linn, Ore. lived with friends and fam. moved back to SF after 2 1/2 years. Parents were still lost... lived in Projects for 5 years with them. During this time I hustled poison and was a Gangmember. Had a Son at 22 raised my GF son at the time until we split up, years I celebrated Birthdays with him 3 - 9. He's my Godson and we still talk. Met my wife in 97 Married in 99 had a daughter who is now 2 almost 3 Work in Down town San Fran for the last 10 years

11-13-2006, 06:11 AM
The Phantom Obituary (Posted in June 2004)

" With events that had soon been eradicated, the purpose was there with all its truth, still had continued in the vast extent of its life's distance, visions placed each accurate, yet was real as thoughts dashed by, those not expected given their pause, that moment which threatened, now had seemed as though was better but time, and how long would one be able to measure this, which was left away from humans, all that had to take place within each cycle, not to get deflected with those that claim would have had, and what are the purposes of each pattern that others show no true approach, many noticed participating with another, yes all was to be in solitude, patterned with ten thousand things in harmony, still was in process putting that which had to be done, defined the parts that developed with proper intentions, and must allow the proper flow of all things, how was of past, thought they recognized what they saw, times had been amongst other beings, those that wanted so much more, but tears manifested what they had felt, of all natural things succumbed, to return to the proper self, leaving in earthly laws, to back ones own domain, vast amongst one, the heavens truth which was, and those that cannot describe as was the phantom was a vision, what was seen when were in transformation on the day they died".