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10-10-2006, 08:20 PM

PC police are on a full-scale red alert when Mr. Snoop Dogg is in the area. The rapper holds nothing back. In part two of AHHís feature, the rapper talks about controversy, his wife and if the pimp game got a hold of his own daughter. Check the second half of this doggy biscuit.

AllHipHop.com: Over the years, your fans and a lot of readers have seen your numerous positive acts for your community and what not but recently youíve come under some fire for a cartoon on MTV2 depicting you with two women on leashes. But you actually did that in reality at the 2003 VMAs. What is that all about?

Snoop Dogg: Pimpiní on a b*tch. Thatís the only way to explain it. When yíall saw me at the MTV Awards, I was really pimpiní on a b*tch, for real - hard on a hoe. I was the Bishop Magic Don Juan, and I was really I pimpiní. I was getting money outta b*tches. I really fell off into the pimpiní. I fell in love with it as a kid. I loved the movie The Mack, and I wanted to give it a try. I didnít wanna just rap about it or talk about it. I wanted to see if I could get some money out of a b*tch, and I did. I wanted to see if I could make a b*tch do what I [told her to] do, and I did. I had fun. I did that. Thatís what I wanted to do, and I did that and I ainít gotta explain that s**t to nobody. I didnít explain it to my wife, and I ainít explaining it to yíall. Point blank. It is what it is. Itís what I wanted to do. Itís like a fantasy. Itís like a kid that dreams of riding in a helicopter and a mothaf**ker brings you the helicopter and is like, ďN***a, you could fly this helicopter. It only takes two weeks of practice.Ē And n***a, my skillsÖI ainít even need practice. I just knew how to fly the helicopter and whoop, whoop, whoop, away we go. Bust a hoe everywhere I go. ďOh yeah, this pimpiní, b*tch.Ē [makes female voice] ďOkay daddy, what you want?Ē [in his own voice] ďB*tch, break bread or fake dead. Yeah. Break yaself Ďcause you canít break me. Uh huh. Peel back ya purse, whatchya workiní with.Ē It got so real I wrote a movie about it called, Bossiní Up Ďcause I fell in love with one of my hoes. Mmm, ainít that something.

AllHipHop.com: That was a lot of information.

Snoop Dogg: Itís the truth though. Iíma give it to you uncut. This AllHipHop, this ain't Oprah, this is directly to my fans who know that they like getting it uncut from me.

AllHipHop.com: I mean you didnít feel some kind of way about [pimpiní] when you have a wife, and daughter, and a mother?

Snoop Dogg: I didnít pimp on my wife. I didnít pimp on my mother.

AllHipHop.com: But you would you have an issue if someone tried to pimp on your daughter?

Snoop Dogg: If the pimpiní is strong enough, it is what it is. Thatís what it do. I canít control you when you leave my possession. I donít control her. I just raise you. I just basically groom you. Itís like my mother, she raised me. My father didnít raise me. So every piece of game I got, I got from my mother. I respect women. I just told you that was a fantasy that I had to be a pimp; to really get of in the game. I wasnít gonna be a n***a that was just rappin about, [mimics 50 Cent] ďĎCause Iíma muthaf**kiní P-I-M-P.Ē N***a, I was really pimpiní on a b*tch. So thatís why when 50 called me for the video he said, ďSnoop, Iím doing this video. Can you call some real pimps?Ē ĎCause he knew who to call! And it didnít cost him nothing, Ďcause he knew.

AllHipHop.com: You still pimpiní?

Snoop Dogg: No.

AllHipHop.com: So when we saw your wife and you reconciled on E! Entertainment Televisionís Hip-Hop Wives that let us know that the pimpery was done?

Snoop Dogg: Nah, when I got back with her, that let you know.

AllHipHop.com: Nah, when you got back with her that let you know that she is a good woman and she loves your ass to death!

Snoop Dogg: What about me? I ainít no good man?

AllHipHop.com: Umm.

Snoop Dogg: Because toÖ recognize, first of all, Iím the one who asked for the divorce and Iím the one who asked to come back. I make mistakes. It wasnít like a n***a is just perfect and just lives a great life and s**t go right. I thought that I ainít wanna be with her no more. I thought that this is what I wanted to do because I was really pimpiní and getting money and my life as a rapper was like a mothaf**kiní dream! As a kid, you grow up and when your dreams come true, you either live it out or keep dreaminí. My s**t was really happening. And people love Snoop Dogg. And it was like, ďWoooow, I canít believe Iím really getting money out a b*tch. Iím really pimpiní. My nails is fresh. My outfit is done. Oh, I look good. Oh, my car match my coat. B*tch canít tell me nothiní!Ē I was really on some losing my mind s**t. But at the same time, itís a fantasy. You gotta dream. So itís not some s**t thatís like a fairy tale, but it was what I wanted to do and that's when I had enough of it - when I felt like, you know what this is not me itís not what I want to do. I could do it and be the best at it, but I donít have my heart in it like I need to. You know what I mean? ĎCause [in that line of work], you canít have a stomach. You canít have a soul. You gotta be just about your motherf**kiní money.

AllHipHop.com: If she had done the same thing would you have taken her back?

Snoop Dogg: I donít know. Iím different. I mighta wouldíve. I mean, I love how she raised my kids and what she do and how sheís been there for me. You get with people because they match you in different ways. Like only a certain mothaf**ker could deal with Snoop Dogg. Like, I see that you couldnít deal with me because Iím too much and you too much too! So itís like, at the same time sheís a strong woman. Sheís the only person that can make me square up and you know. Itís like Iím tough in front of you, but in front of her, Iím a completely different n***a. Iím like poindexter, [laughs] you understand me? Itís one of those in everybodyís life.


10-10-2006, 08:35 PM
again....do you work for allhiphop?

10-10-2006, 08:38 PM
Nobody cares about Snoop Dogg LOL. He hasn't made a good album since Doggystyle and he does pop music now. He's washed up. A lot of his movies are wack.