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Certified beatz
10-10-2006, 11:08 PM
Somethings never change more beats by the producer that keeps the struggling MC in mind. Here are 3 more new beats priced at $9.99 per beat all beat @ www.certifiedbeatz.com can be instantly downloaded. take a listen to

Break bread Hi Fi (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Hi-Fi/Breakbread.mp3)
Break bread Lo Fi (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Lo-Fi/Breakbread.mp3)

Meeting room Hi Fi (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Hi-Fi/Meetingroom.mp3)
Meeting room Lo Fi (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Lo-Fi/Meetingroom.mp3)

Risk taker Hi Fi (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Hi-Fi/Risktaker.mp3)
Risk taker Lo Fi (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Lo-Fi/Risktaker.mp3)

Beats from 2 weeks ago you can still listen to and download

Move something (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Hi-Fi/Movesomething.mp3)
Move something (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Lo-Fi/Movesomething.mp3)

Coast to coast (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Hi-Fi/Coasttocoast.mp3)
Coast to coast (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Lo-Fi/Coasttocoast.mp3)

Leave it alone (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Hi-Fi/Leaveitalone.mp3)
Leave it alone (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Lo-Fi/Leaveitalone.mp3)

Mob stories (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Hi-Fi/Mobstories.mp3)
Mob stories (http://www.certifiedbeatz.com/JMB100720052/Lo-Fi/Mobstories.mp3)

I will be back weekly with more beats..

Ty Blak producer from www.Ceritifedbeatz.com

Certified beatz
10-11-2006, 08:15 PM
Instant downloads

Certified beatz
10-12-2006, 10:50 PM
looking for feedback

Certified beatz
10-16-2006, 05:19 AM
Raise up