View Full Version : Cassidy Regains Consciousness

10-11-2006, 05:53 PM

The driver of a truck that critically injured Philadelphia rapper Cassidy has been issued a summons for making an improper turn.

According to police, Javier Trujillo Gonzalez, 36, of Carson City, MI, was issued the ticket for his role in the accident, after his truck ran a red light and crossed into a an intersection, broad siding the Chevy Suburban that Cassidy and three passengers were traveling in.

"We know from the other witnesses, that the guy made an illegal move that caused the accident," Cassidy's attorney Simon Rosen told AllHipHop.com. "It was unfortunate, but thank god he's recovering and that he didn't die. He's getting better and stronger everyday. I always joked with Cassidy that he was a hard headed guy and thank god for that - literally."

Cassidy, 24, was enroute to a recording studio in Yonkers, NY last Thursday (Oct. 5) shortly after midnight when the accident occurred.

Gonzalez' truck hit the driver's side of the Suburban, with Cassidy absorbing most of the impact.

Cassidy, born Barry Reese, suffered a fractured skull and numerous broken bones in his face. Doctors have performed CAT scans and so far, have found no abnormalities with his brain activity.

Cassidy, who recently regained consciousness, is expected to recover from his injuries.

"He went through a large trauma that would have taken the life of less healthy people," Rosen said. "He was in good health before the accident. Everybody has supported him from all over the world. The fraternalism of the Hip-Hop community isn't going to make headlines, but there are a lot of people that have banned together from the Hip-Hop community to support Cassidy. It's not all about negativity."