View Full Version : New Mixtape Preview!!!

10-12-2006, 07:39 PM
I have just placed 10 songs from my mixtape dropping tomorrow (October 13, 2006) up on my MySpace page www.myspace.com/ironfingaz You may view them and enjoy, this will give you an idea if its worth your $5. It's like a little Ipod player on the left hand side a little under my picture, youll have to stop the actual MySpace player to actually hear it without two songs playing together, lol. So enjoy and be safe.

The tracklisting for the preview is as follows...
1. Introduction (Desolate Visions) (Produced by Iron Fingaz)
2. Hidden Aspects (Produced by Iron Fingaz)
3. Nine Changes (Produced by Sphinxz)
4. Ballad of Axes (Produced by Illy Vas)
5. Lonely Portraits (featuring Illy Vas & Kevlaar 7)
6. Verses from Prophets (featuring Illy Vas) (Produced by Iron Fingaz)
7. Illy Vas Exhibition (Performed by Illy Vas) (Produced by Iron Fingaz)
8. Ascension of a Man (Produced by Endemic)
9. Excerpts from a Lovers Mind (Produced by Iron Fingaz)
10. Beloved Admiration (Produced by Endemic)