View Full Version : yo check out da part 2 of creepin with a war AXE

10-15-2006, 06:11 AM
if ya'll know creepin with a war axe from my demo ART of GRAVEYARDPOeTRY,,,, well i took it back in da lab try to make it over yo some stay da way they are I dont care I m makin more for that album But now Im lookin for some feed back on beat skillz I mean if this is grimey Ima spit part 2 on this right here ya'll do know part 1 right or ima post it back on this bitch ayaay Ck it PEACE to Da entire WU as 1


10-16-2006, 03:45 AM
sup with this no feed back sjitz is probebly weak let me show wat I speak Creepin with a war axe ,Ninja Gaidenz downloadeble for ya'll peepz to enjoy HAHA my sword screamz when it strikes all night many feared my light over a cemetary sight straight from da yard were tha boyz lift weight n crack skullz hard headed seven is teaching real wrong from da right ayaay PEACE



1 like real famz of this hip hop PEACE