View Full Version : Lavamouth's Attatched at the Hip

10-17-2006, 06:37 PM
I posted this here a looooong time ago, back when I went by the name "Drunkendragon" and thought I'd share again since there's a whole new crowd of people now.

At birth he was only one inch long
Immediately had aspirations of being strong
Limitless potential
From the womb he fell
Yet he lacked his black outer shell
With microchips exposed
He was cold when wind blowed
As time passed his black tail grew long as hell
It kept him connected well
At the other end was his head
But no face or knotty dreads
It was more like a metal net
That was meant to catch words that where sent
Through the air...
He grabbed them- crystal clear
And sent them through wires right into your ear
He grew up right, kept his screws tight
And every night
He had mad niggas saliva sprayed in his face
But he strangely liked it- no disgrace
He felt the beats many times
Heard the words of many rhymes
Even Wack ones too
He didn't care- he'd even listen to you
He took naps while us rap cats
Was on the block slinging cracks
He had dreams of being the best
Different from the rest
He had a rep to protect, out for respect
You see, his father was known
As "Big Mike" the microphone
Who hung from the cieling
Helped mad heads get record dealings
His wires was made of gold
Not another mic like him was sold
One of a kind, constantly on m.c's minds
But this one time...
Dude wildin out broke him and sent him to the junk heap
It made his son weep- even in deep sleep
But when he awoke he found himself with the same placement
All alone in the dark and cold of my basement
When the light switch was hit- he felt it
It was my palm, to him it was warm
I grabbed him and said "It's on"
Then I spit flames
Your brain could never sustain
Right into his frame
I love him like no other- not even my own mother
He's my microphone, my life long brother