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10-18-2006, 06:31 AM

Check this crazy shit out. Someone actually goes through the trouble to post links to all the MySpace accounts of people who have either died or have killed someone. I found two profiles of people who spazzed the fuck out and killed people in my area.

This one happened like half a mile from where I work. (http://mydeathspace.com/article/2006/09/27/Noni_Stinson_(28)_shot_her_husband_to_death_and_th en_hid_the_gun_in_a_box_of_baby_wipes) It was the 100th murder in Jacksonville this year.

This one happend about an hour away. (http://mydeathspace.com/article/2006/10/05/Tom_Ashby_(37)_shot_and_killed_multiple_people_bef ore_taking_his_own_life_as_cops_began_shooting_him ) My nigga T.J. was working the night it went down. Saw the whole thing happen, cops wouldn't let him leave the scene for like two hours while they cleaned it up. They were using his road cones to block off the street and shit.

It's an interesting site if you wanna check it out. I like to check out the pages for the killers cause people blow up their page and blast em. :)

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That's crazy for real yo.

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shit is fucked up man !

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Unsolved MySpace Mysteries.

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