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10-18-2006, 12:44 PM
I wasn't a big fan of racing games. They were always just o.k. A friend of mine let me hold MC2.
I mean.....what were these people smokin' when they made this game?!?! This has to be the epitome of all racing games. I haven't played DUB Edition yet, but just from MC2, I'm SERIOUSLY anxious. The music is pretty decent, and the scenery is definately ill, but what I'm in love with is the way this game makes you feel.

Games like this, that thrive on competition, give the player a sense of individuality. A certain style all their own. Favorite fighters or cars, etc.

In this game, I think anyone who's played it will agree, that when you unlock and master the motorcycle, it's one of the sexiest feelings in the world. (not homo). The speed factor is so realistic, it's criminal. Plus, Rockstar, being Rockstar, gives you the capability of always being in control. This game seriously tests your hand-eye coordination. In scenes like Paris and Tokyo, you get narrow streets. Not forgetting the other cars, buses and padestrians who get in your way on purpose.

Other goodies like 2-wheel driving, if you're anything like me, let you act even more of the fool once you master them. No other game let's you do a 180 on 2-wheels and trust me, doing that while zoomin' into the finish line is just pretty.

My problem is basically very few people know about these titles. I mean DUB Edition is big, and we all know why. I'm not hatin' it's just that when
I looked at the cheats, the "Missiles ans Machine Guns" cheat was taken out and MC2 had it.

Most people I ask say, "I don't like THAT game." Not even racing games in general, just THAT one.
Like MC2 is the "Devil May Cry" of racing games. I only use that as an example because Capcom made Devil May Cry 2 easier than it's predecessor because people were complaining about it's level of difficulty. Personally, I think Devil May Cry is a classic.

Moving on....I think these cats just kept on crashin'. Period. I don't think any of them really got to have fun with the game instead of trying to win all the time.

I wanna know who else has it, what y'all think and most importantly....IF YOU THINK YOU CAN SEE ME IN A RACE!!!!!:yes:

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I want to get a Network Adaptor soon so I can see who else has SOCOM, TWISTED METAL BLACK, and all the other essentials as well....but MIDNIGHT CLUB is seriously the only game that I never got a decent challenge in.

Well, that one and WU-TANG: SHAOLIN STYLE.

Regarding that, if I don't beat you with RAEKWON, you're going down when I use OL' DIRTY.

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You talkin' to me?? Are you talkin' to ME!?!


What did you say tho??

10-18-2006, 10:31 PM
midnight club 2 is better than midnight club 3.

10-19-2006, 12:07 AM
Word?! I was afraid of that.

How do you mean though? Less tricks? Smaller cities?

10-23-2006, 03:01 PM