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Sunny Black
10-22-2006, 01:45 AM
16's of death

whats good people?
quick 16...
holla back.

if you got some of it hidden i'm takin half your stash
and you sittin there quiet cause the gauge about to flash
if you had a connect they'd be debatin bout your math
its sad, this a test, dummy, and you fakes about to crash
they call me BFI cause i'm takin out the trash
at the end of every week they take you out the back
shit, Sunny B sit with crates and pounds of cash
watchin Belly, breakin weight up - gratin pounds of grass
if a drought in your town then the wait about to pass
and if its love for the money then Satan found his match
always on the grind - and you patient clowns is last
hot lava'll pop ya cause i'm cajun bout my raps
its true, i wont stop til i lace a thousand tracks
never caught frozen, cause i'ma blaze what rounds i pack
kids talk shit cause they think its safe behind the glass
but when razors bout to slash they make payments out in cash...

Sunny Black.

Sunny Black
11-06-2006, 10:31 AM
no one?
dont sleep people...

Da Dishonourable Don
11-06-2006, 08:33 PM
shit was aight kid, but nobody out here supports the site the way it used to be, shit got dry out here, but I'll still be checkin' peeps threads to see what's poppin', keep doin' u, heard some of your audio, keep blessin!

11-06-2006, 10:15 PM
...i liked this drop man, best i read on here in ages.... i liked the flow which was onpoint through out and the multis were straight on point... the "..satan found his match/" was my favorite line... keep posting black...

Sunny Black
01-28-2007, 08:07 AM
Sunny's Back

i tuck and pack knives for you fuckin wack guys
and stay around hydro like i've just been baptized
i'm the fat-size, king shit, sling around my shotgun
you got one? i got more, i sing around a lot of em
poppin off more than the average citizen
messin with some women friends who's aim's better than Minute Men
its the return of the kid you missed
i bet you pissed, that i found your girl
treat her like Tina and hit your bitch
i'm sick with this, my sound? con-tagious
and you like the 90's Cowboys, how your front's famous
i stunt major - my skills speak for themselves
couple things happened during Christmas, now yall weaker then Hell
i creep where they sell - Black's diseased til deceased
so please leave your piece or he'll squeeze at your teeth
cause Sunny dont think its right leavin something for Christ
that had the coroner sayin "Oh Boy" like It's A Wonderful Life...

...the word's about to be spreadin.

Sunny Black
02-16-2007, 08:14 AM
my flow's too inticing for you to pass it up
you pussy, and i just cant stand to see you actin tough
i traffic runs to lavish castles and slums
ace in the cards like Jim Carrey's, why i'm laughin it up
stackin the funds to keep you bastards away
stashin guns in my place in case they crash where i lay
where i stay's where i pray and you dont wanna interrupt it
the games like full toilets - it's taken enough shit
you lames is munchkins compared to my frame
my hollows like lobotomies, they tare at your brain
to dare is insane, Sunny's got it locked, bitch
bet you never tired, never runnin from the cops, snitch
i pops it, come into your crib like a locksmith
and let you die in rememberence of lyin like Johnnie Cochran
you not shit, pigeon - youre Andy Dick at best
while my broad's like Charles, in charge of handin me grips til death...


Sunny Black
02-18-2007, 07:52 AM
it depends where you go, in the burbs, on the road
paved with asphalt, smashed rocks or dirt on the floor
could be needles or beer bottles smashed to pieces
tragic, lavish evenings to look past the leases
or the non-taxed nomad, livin at your bus stop
restin through the yells, even sleepin when they bust Glocks
mom at home, makin sunshine tea with her apron on
kids upstairs debatin which peer to get naked on
the ace is in the cards, but they dealin out deuces
high, so the ceiling's elusive but still feelin obtrusive
nurses in the backroom, Rummy and then more
while your grandparents' gaspin, on their tummies with bed sores
the lonely only get whores to shield their pain
while the money-grubbers hustle cause the yield's insane
the field's a train, and some of our best youth are wasted
tryin to jump the tracks instead of get through the basics...

this the nation that we travel in, every single day
i promise your pain is my pain, in every single way
life is heavy with the lame, but we tread to keep the sane
the focus of our opus, but we 're locusts in vain.


Sunny Black
04-07-2007, 11:01 PM
you hear the blessings, you heed the lessons
my piece or weapon ? you see the wesson
disease you freshman, with these refreshments
these weasel yes-men, we beast in seconds
so fuck what you heard, its not as fresh as this
like blackout sex you dont know who you messin with
i'm the one your girls thoughts are made of
face us you be face up cause you soft as bake dust
trees as long as acres, fees no longer phase us
g's is gone on heat and green just to demean the fakers
you cowards bogus while my power is focused
known to throw those o's of white like powdered donuts
my grind is evil and my quota is mean
so sunny holdin more coin than soda machines
i'm open to schemes thats how my mind works
you could be the next, its who i find first....