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06-09-2005, 03:59 PM
my styles unique wildest speech vibrates the teeth I could bite my own rhymes and spit em better than me a veteran thief with perfect letterin to every and each one of my lines tranqualize cats, with special k veternairian speed
I burried my seed like christ that cross was carried by me invaded the sea with pharrows army we wasnt underneath those reeds for long spirits trancended and left the bodies check the heiroglyphs compare it to the greek myth of trident and posidon the lies are the poison that hold us back from enjoyment
enslaved in employment to the status quo were basin our voices reinforcments behind the laws can play you like a toy when the titans clash avoid the spread of the virus flash in the blink of an eye society goes from first class to on the brink of nothing but ash
crushing cities to dust when the structures clash so find your true calling clutch to it and hold fast youre intertwined within the mind to everything else gravity between every atom in the universe is true self

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06-09-2005, 08:01 PM
That was On POINT

I like The special K line

06-09-2005, 10:27 PM
appreciate yalls feelins, Ima drop another;

I told you my style was wild speech patterns run circles like the rings of saturn from the spirit to the physical so with pixels representin anti-matter it cannot matter weather or not your illusions get shattered when Im crusin thru scattered thoughts like astronauts do on the back side of the black market
we cap targets the cash marches thru our pockets we stash the largest amounts of poor mans treasure but to the rich man its garbage get involved with the oppurtunity to not consume these fumes of greed that rise off the plumes of smoke from crack cocaine and weed
we stack grams indeed and generate venerate while spiritual forces hold down extraterrestrial men that make techknowledgy avaliable but its just a big cycle you watch satalite or cable when will they tell us to rise up
or just lie up and buy stuff because it keeps everybody happy while the true seekers of peace and wisdom get treated like pappy, mason I dont know him I just heard of his name but when you do the knowledge it seems like the illuminati raised him

Sicka than aidZ
06-10-2005, 06:06 AM
thats an ill style.....beats the shit outta mine...never thought anyone would match me. staycool man. peace

06-11-2005, 04:13 AM
all rise,

its not the clothes that make a man its tha man that makes the clothes from now till midevil times back to the erectus stages of these homos that every fiber of these threads is part of a cypher dread when you see I posted its part of your life
so told the jamacian the jam that Im makin sounds sweeter than ganja jam on your biscuits bitch Im breakin in to your fakeness sayin fuck you to your faces and pacin my raps so each syllable catches one of your statements
that you live by so you can relate an I get by by getting high off of staying awake bye bye snakes watch um dissapear like dollars to a bitch on a stripper pole when Im sittin swoll in the back of the club alone
Im ON POINT the sharpest dart in the bar I had to get real cocky on this one and go hard on you haters that just aint that smart I made my mark soon as this site came back I take charge