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I used to save money for a Swiss pocket knife with a matching little survival kit... When I was young, me and my friends would go on survival trips, which basically were just me and two other guys equiped with a pocket knife and a backpack filled with sandwiches made by our moms sleeping in a tent in a local park/forest.

We would go make fires with dry grass and two sharpened sticks and end up using matches and old papers and try to cook up road kills and dare eachother to take a bite.

Sometimes we would use old wineboxes and elastics to make us some kickass guitars and perform live in the bussiest streets of Haarlem. We strum the elastics and make high pitched guitar sounds and scream all kinds of satanic shit whilst banging our heads like some overjoyed mongoloids. Believe it or not, we made money.

Oh man I have so many stories, I almost feel sad I stopped having friends.

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please tell us more about ur childhood Jasper, but not going into too much detail if u know what i mean...

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Well, when me and my friends were around 11 years old.. we always went skateboarding. We bought this special WAX that makes grinding easier. We smeared half of the smelly substance over a street lenght of a curb and did mad lip tricks on it. We got bored with the skateboarding and used the rest of the wax on random object; doorknobs, bike seats and basically anything we came across.

Next day we would come back to continue skating on the greased up curb when an old angry man came our way and started talking all angry. He told us his wife slipped on the curb because of the wax and she broke her neck. He continued ranting and then wanted to go back inside because we talked back. He grabbed the doorknob to open his door and his hand was full of wax and we laughed so fucking hard for the rest of the day.

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Heat, you're fucking annoying me. Even on the Corpse, I can't believe you can be so boring and repetative without noticing. I'll ban you.

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I'll Ip Ban You.


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You haven't ever had the guts...

ps: I'm going to give you a bad karma point

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I Ip Banned You After Skale And Reggie Made Me Admin

I Dont Kno Whats A Bad Karma Point But Chicks Dig Me

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Don't make up silly stories.

You have a really small bed, go fuck yourself.

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