View Full Version : get it live from the 5 to the 91 sun

10-26-2006, 09:06 AM
my rearview reveals a headlight's river
as ASPhault serpents slither
waiting to be reclaimed by vines
silently strangling the sound barrier's designs
traffic slows to a snail's crawl
against medians, transmissions stall
switching lanes how tarzan swings
a concherto of car alarms accompany violin strings
tail pipes and exhaust
gasoline an opiate whose demand dictates its cost
shooting up out the pump
turnaquit turnpikes, a drunk's cut off
behind the wheel, brake pads squeel
engines shut off
warped steel and insurance claims
transit system, endurance wanes
mobility an addiction, until we see change
gridlock'd tranquility fender benders bang
like hike hitchin' a collision, mustang
vipers and impalas
generally motors are big dollars
corporate green light see plenty
but we might be lucky to see any
pedal to the metal runnin' on empty
with a hemi or v8
dangerous curves, keep straight
we'll be pushin' our whips at this rate
stolen hubcaps shall spin for snaps on the petro
must have miles on the gallon or the gecko
to titan up your triple a
handicapped spots towed
the cripples stay
stuck in rush hour not movin'
back alley cut cruisin'
off the boulevard
when all avenues lead to the junkyard
the dealership's like reinCARnation
tunnel vision kept our eyes on the destination
but failed to pay the toll
and had the muffler scrapin'
on speed bumps
hot wired a chumps vehicle to roll
open trunk popped outta neutral, lets go
road rage in my old age, too slow for speeding tickets
roaches, crickets, and slug bugs
shaggin' volkswagon steering wheel clubbed
tire booted but still scooted onward without spark plugs
or keys in the ignition
piston, pumpin', sunk in shotgun
parkin' lot spun donuts dunkin' for cops, one
hundred cc's on the throttle
one hand on the bottle
stick shiftin', fish tail slick driftin'
on open roads
wide turns and heavy loads
big rig trailers
burnt out alternators
dead batteries and carburetors
nascar racers
pit stop entourage
black racing stripe, white lotus corsage
monster garage grand prix
ride with the devil like ang lee
breathalyzed amnesty
on the freeway to anarchy
rubbernecked a twisted wreck
and caught whiplash
hit and run, dip, dash
from the scene of the crash
off road, unpaved mayhem
curbside surveyin' the damage done
no way the car will manage to run
in this shape, duct tape couldn't hold it together
dead auto, christine haunted specter
with a vehix report, at best: checkered