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10-27-2006, 02:24 PM
now i dont usualy do this i dont like the opeinon part af the news paper i dont even like the local nes paper but this song is some funny shit

Allan Sherman Camp Granada remix

hello muddah ... hello faddha.
here i am at ... my school commons.
all these lockdowns ... are alarming.
but they say we'll start our class after disarming.

during lunchtime ... we had spinach.
the bullies told me ...i had to finish.
all the studebts ... got sick at high noon.
then i got robbed when i when ito the bathroom.

all the students ... love teachers grading.
some in fact are ... evan dating.
drugs and piercing .. what are they thinking.
me, i got to fat from all the cola drinking,

our assignment ... for social studies.
was to contact ... our congress buddies.
so i emailed ... my composition.
all i got back was a lurid proposition

dearest faddah ... darling muddah.
you once said that ... you had it tougher.
walking uphill ... as the snow blew.
thats is nothing when you think of what i go through

ant that a bitch
i gotta get of the wet